Gingerbread Men and Toad’s Wart

Life isn’t easy for a witch who bakes cookies instead of brews potions. But Cresella’s life is upended when a new client, Walter, comes looking for a batch of gingerbread men—and asks her to a Christmas party he’s throwing. He’s handsome, charming, sweet, but oh so human. Their worlds don’t mesh—a relationship between a human and a witch is foolish. She’s had bad luck in love, and with her floundering cookie business, does she have time for a romance that ... [Read More...]

Off Limits

I’m going to inspect this vineyard and get out of here. My recommendations are based on science. He’s earthy and runs on instinct. I cannot be attracted to a man like that. Yet here we are, in an entangled mess. That keeps getting more and more confusing. And now I can’t run away. I’m keeping a secret. Will he want this child as much as I do? $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

A Convenient Christmas

Abigail Smith loves Christmas so much she made it her business. Whether it’s simple gift wrapping or arranging a sit-down feast, clients of A Convenient Christmas can count on Abby to meet all of their holiday needs. When her oldest and dearest client hires her to add a little cheer to her son’s life, Abby is up for the challenge. Until he fires her. Finn Edenbury is too busy trying to get through the holiday season to enjoy it. The divorced dad is not looking forward to spending thi... [Read More...]

The Christmas Toy – A Holiday Reverse Harem Romance

What do you give the three chiseled alphas who invite you to share their snowy mountain cabin for the holidays? Anything they want… They’re the three hottest guys in the office. Gorgeous, hard-bodied loners who always spend the holidays together, traveling to exotic places for excitement and fun. Only this year… they invited me. When I took the place of Desmond’s ex-girlfriend on the guys’ annual trip, I didn’t expect much more than a fun time. But then I fou... [Read More...]