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Charmed by the Mafia

Only a billionaire mafia could think he could escape death. Im his heart specialist, and hes the patient I absolutely cant resist. So, when he called me his girlfriend to please his family, I could only nod in agreement. Giovanni might be my forbidden patient and fake lover But I have real dreams about him taking my V-card. Soon, these dreams would turn into nightmares. His life is filled with danger. And mine feels heavier now that Im carrying the burden of his secrets. Giovanni only has a few... [Read More...]

Free: Forgotten Magic

How many fairies need to die before Excalibur can be destroyed? Kim is desperate for some time off after getting stuck for two and a half years in medieval times. Seth cant wait for some quality time together, after nearly losing her when they were there; and the scars from the past are still raw. But when Excalibur is discovered by their enemies, and the two college students take on one more fight, will Kims magic and Seths skill with the blade be enough to stop the sword from falling into the... [Read More...]

A Little Bit Dirty

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling romance author, Willow Winters, comes a second chance with a filthy mouthed, possessive hero, not willing to lose the love of his life again. I’ve got a thing for men who work with their hands. I thought I learned my lesson years ago. But here I am, back in the small town I grew up in, staring down the man who broke my heart years ago. I intended to tell him off. My plan was to flip him the bird and prove to both of us that he hadn’... [Read More...]

Interviewed in the Writer’s Room

Your next favorite slow-burn, sweet, contemporary romcom! Kayla Martin has never met a person she couldn’t help. There is no situation she cant fix, no project she cant manage, no mess that she cant organize. She’s built her entire career around rescuing others with efficiency and effort, scaling up the job of personal concierge to a team of dedicated, happy helpers tackling Texas-sized tasks with a smile. How May I Help You isnt just her company’s name, its her own personal m... [Read More...]

Single Dad’s Naughty Nanny: A Billionaire Boss Romance

He’s a billionaire single dad with a body to die for. The fact he’s ten years older than I am is an even hotter bonus, but theres a catch. Im a nanny by trade, but an aspiring actress in my dreams. While one might assume a man with a child is a mere detail, it’s a dealbreaker for me. Jimmy screams bad boy at first glance, but getting to know him reveals he’s anything but. He’s the picture-perfect man. The perfect father. The perfect partner. The perfect everything.... [Read More...]

Free: Falling for the Bronc Rider

Beth is fine being friends with Jake, but she wont cross that line, even when circumstances push them to share the same living space. Jake proudly wears the badge of confirmed bachelor. It suits his bronc riding career just fine. When Beth needs help, he offers her to ride along with him. Who knew the one girl he couldn’t have, would be the one to finally reach his heart. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Lovers and Lace

Is a love that burns too brightly at the start, destined to combust in the end? Olivia Wilson and Sergio Martinez fell hard and fast the day they met. But with twenty-year-old Olivia about to embark on a modeling career with Delcinia, a luxury lingerie brand and the older Sergio pressured to devote time to his family’s struggling international clothing company Martinez Designs, they arent given a chance. Until they reunite nine years later. When Olivias determination to become a driving f... [Read More...]

Sworn to the Orc

Sarah has been bound all her life a spell cast on her during childhood keeps her from talking to strangers or having romantic relationships. But when she’s drawn to Hidden Hollow, a gruff and growly Orc helps her unlock the mystery behind her strange dilemma. Can the two of them free Sarah from her enchantment? Or will the family curse hovering over her head get them both killed? $4.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Off Limits Alpha Daddy

Booze, boys, and backstage passes. What could go wrong? Turns out, a lot. Jackson Whiss is the living embodiment of a true rock n roll bad boy. An alpha who takes what he wants. Demanding. Savage. And spoiler alert: he wants me. But not for the reason that you think. This jerk only needs a fake relationship to leverage my good-girl image. But in exchange, hell erase my student loan debt. What starts as a straightforward business deal, Ends backstage with tangled limbs, urgent strokes, and a low... [Read More...]

Bad Boy Billionaire Biker

There are two loves in life I can ride custom bike, and my best friends little sister. As the owner of my own motorcycle business, Nina Redman, my rivals daughter, was always off-limits. She wouldn’t spare me a drop of water if I were on fire. That changed on her 20th birthday when we gave in to desire long denied. Our bodies pressed together, igniting a scorching inferno. Her curves and sensual lips stripped my control. We claimed each other in every way imaginable. When my fa... [Read More...]

Never Forget You

His green eyes mesmerized me when I was a teenager, and just like that We were brutally torn apart. Ten years later, Id built a life with my daughter after divorcing my abusive ex. Running into Harry again derailed the fresh start I was after. His body was more muscular, his eyes even more hypnotizing. I was in trouble in more ways than one. Harry was my daughters teacher. On top of that, he was my ex and that made him completely off limits. But little did I know that he wasn’t the ex I h... [Read More...]

Life’s Fortune

Life’s Fortune is the first in an upcoming four-book series that shares the life, love, family, and friendships of Rebekah Hayward as she embarks on a delayed quest for personal growth, self-discovery, and all the sweetness life has to offer. Her mission to find her place in a world thats been turned upside down will inspire and draw you in. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


From Amazon top ten bestselling author Samantha Whiskey comes the billionaire, fake relationship romance you won’t want to miss! I hold several titles: NHL Calgary Team Owner, McClaren Empire Heir, and Insatiable Playboy. My friends believe Im more likely to walk on the moon than hold down a monogamous relationship, and thats never bothered me Until now. Call me cocky, but I dont like being told I cant do something. So when my best friend throws down a high-stakes bet stating I cant stay ... [Read More...]

Lover’s Moon (Canadian Werewolf Book 5)

He’s an alpha wolf and a beta boyfriend. She’s dated every monster in New York City. It’s time for their Meat-Cute. Michael Andrews, a Canadian living in New York, is learning to live with the side effects of lycanthropy. Other than waking up naked and bloody in Central Park once a month, he’s managing just fine. If only he could finish the book he’s supposed to be writing. If only he could find someone he trusted enough to tell the truth to. Gail Sommers may not h... [Read More...]

Deadly Protector

A Morally Gray, Obsessed Anti-hero Mafia Romance She was my wounded angel. My obsession. Now, she is the reason my heart beats. I took one look at the golden-haired goddess with pain in her eyes and knew I had to have her. I let myself become the man she needed. I know she thinks I’m harmless a friend offering to help a damsel in distress. She has no idea how wrong she is. I may look like safety to her, but it’s all a lie. On the inside, I’m the one who will tear other men apa... [Read More...]

Torn By The Alpha

Rejected at the altar and sentenced to death by my alpha, I ran for my life right into the arms of another alpha. Betrothed to Declan, alpha of my wolf shifter pack, I faced rejection and a death sentence due to a prophecy. Fleeing to Angels Creek, New Mexico, I met Zac and fell for him despite efforts to resist. When my old clan arrives for my execution, Zac learns my secret past. Will he stand by me, or will I be forced to leave, taking our secret child with me? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Fantasies Book Club

Tired of book clubs that cater to classics and Oprah picks, Gemma, Emmy, Callie, Nia and Malcolm come together to read a different sort of book; the kind with sizzling scenes that make you blush, with office romances, sexy club owners, and finding your soulmate, each with a HEA completely implausible but with all the feels. Welcome to the Fantasies Book Club, where you get to rewrite your story and make your own fantasies come true! Free to $2.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Free: Sleeping With the Enemy

She’s completely off limits, or so Im told. My best friends little sister. Hot, curvy, and soon to be mine. And to say the least, she’s fiery mad. Her brother is willing to sell out their family business to me, and he’s right for doing it. Im a billionaire. Hello. Little did I know that this beautiful vixen is about to jack my world up. Theres one trinket I want most in the world for my collection and guess who just bought it? Right. Her. But Im down to play her games. Ive got... [Read More...]

Finding Myself

Su-mi’s dreams of becoming a K-pop star are finally coming true, but her passion is met with the challenge of conforming to society’s beauty standards. As she searches for true meaning and purpose in life, a journey of self-discovery leads her and her long-term boyfriend Woo-jin to open a rescue cat sanctuary. With every step of their mission, they discover a profound love for these beautiful creatures, changing lives, finding purpose, and igniting compassion in the hearts of all wh... [Read More...]

Free: The Curvy Girl’s Stepbrother

She’s had a forbidden crush on her stepbrother for years. When he discovers his shy librarian stepsister has a wild side and is secretly working at Club Curve, he pays for private VIP room with her and all bets are off… Ive had a crush on my hot af stepbrother forever. I babysit his daughter every week and even though its wrong, the more I see him, the more I fantasize about him. I know nothing can ever happen between us but seeing him every Wednesday night is the only thing I look ... [Read More...]

Cotton Creek

TALES FROM COTTON CREEK Nothing ever happens in Cotton Creek. That’s something people have been saying for years about this sleepy little Texas town. That might have been true once, but not anymore. Now there’s a whole lot happening. Danger and love collide in this series of romantic tales that remind you just how wonderful falling in love can be. From $2.00 to $4.01 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Free: You’re The One That I Want

To inherit their grandfathers billion-dollar business, the Stinson brothers each need one thing: a wife! Nicolas, the youngest, was the only one with a fiance, so that should have been cake. Just ask Alison to marry him. Until Alison cheats relationship, OVER. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Bride’s Pink Shoes

Wedding planner Clara Harrington is secretly arranging the wedding of the year for Hollywoods latest sweetheart. However, when she discovers the best man is her ex-fianc, Clara is blindsided. Andrew is a changed man, intent on making amends. But will Clara risk her heart again? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Bet on a Billionaire

From wedding bells to jail cells. This Billionaires bride is getting more than she bargained for. Billionaire CEO, Grant, is on the brink of being ousted by his own board of directors unless he can salvage his image. His world of power and control is threatened by corporate sharks along with a past that wont stay buried. But fate intervenes when Julia, a disheartened author, mistakes an interview for his next wife as a meeting with her publisher. Fresh from the sting of near-unemployment and ru... [Read More...]

Saved by the Officers: A MFM Suspenseful Romance (In Clear Sight Book 3)

After weeks on the run, the US Marshals relocate me to a small West Texas town. Im exhausted and lonely with no friends or family to lean on until my two sexy-as-sin neighbors stop by. I shouldn’t fantasize about our friendship growing into more but cant stop my growing attraction. I want them both.And both want me. Shade with his brooding scowl and Trap with his flirty smiles work in tandem igniting heart-pounding passion and provide the unending support I desperately need while in witne... [Read More...]

Free: The Sins We Hide

An electrifying MC, friends to enemies to lovers romance written by USA Today best selling author Scarlett Cole, writing as S. Cole. The girl I once loved, my best friend and presidents twin sister, is an enemy of my club, the Iron Outlaws MC. Until she turns up ten years after she fled with a secret that stands everything we know about the club on end. One that puts all our lives at stake. Other tropes: steamy forbidden romance, forced proximity, only one bed Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Charmed and Dangerous

In the world of magic, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Spells and charms can only get you so far. For these heroines, magic may just be the root of their problems. Facing demons, ghosts, untamed powers and the world of witchcraft, they will need to draw on their inner strength if they are to survive. With love and family on the line, these witches are facing the fight of their lives. Good thing they’re Charmed and Dangerous $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Her Scarred Hero

Army Special Forces soldier Frank returns home to care for his ailing mother. But when he reunites with Amber, old flames ignite, leading to a dangerous love affair. As Frank discovers Amber’s life is in peril, he risks everything to protect her, determined not to lose her again. Amidst chaos and obstacles, can they defy the odds and find love, or will a determined adversary tear them apart? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Recipe For Love

Business is brisk on the cobbled streets of Paris, where florist Juliette and baker Pierre own tiny shops. Neither have time for serious relationships. When they meet unexpectedly at a nearby pub, sparks fly. Juliette believes a kiss is a harbinger of romantic getaways but soon is disappointed. Left with a broken heart and dozens of questions, Juliette wonders: “Why has Pierre abandoned me?” $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Bridging Divides

This is a standalone, women’s fiction hate-to-love, sweet romance series. All books in the series feature a smart woman, a challenging man, and different worldviews. Can they find a way to bridge the divide? $0.99 each on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Baby Makes 7

A family of seven!? How did I get this freaking lucky? Before meeting Kellan, Fallon and Luke, I was a homeless single mother. Escaping an abusive ex, with two small children to feed. The gorgeous men of my dreams offered more than just shelter in their spectacular mansion; They gave me love, a sense of belonging, and A beautiful baby boy. Yet just when I find peace my younger sister goes missing. She’s caught up in a dark world that threatens to swallow her whole – and anyone that ... [Read More...]

Office Heat

When an innocent girl moved in next-door, all I had to do was peel my eyes away from her. Instead, I hired her as an employee. Stella was 16 years younger, and my neighbor. I seemed to forget that at every company meeting when her smooth legs would distract me. Ive been hurt in the past and relationships are not for me. And yet, Im risking my friendship with Stellas dad and going behind his back. Being with her means risking my reputation and everything else I value. But the innocent gaze in he... [Read More...]

Seductive Sands

Escape to paradise where love and destiny collide. Devon Cartwright’s life is on the rise, her career flourishing, until the sudden loss of her parents leaves her reeling. Just when she needs it most, her longtime friend Margarette offers her a six-month stay at an oceanfront Villa in the Dominican Republic, promising to help her get back on track. But Margarette has more in mind than just business recovery. She’s set Devon up with the enigmatic and devilishly handsome Amadeus who l... [Read More...]

Love is What You Bake of it

The only love Kally Andarakis is baking is in the form of the sweet treats she whips up in her caf, The Coffee Klatch. Kally never believed herself to be a person worthy of love, but when an intoxicating man she considered out of her league pursues her, she risks everything to be with him. Later, when tragedy strikes, truths are revealed that leave Kally brokenhearted and untrusting. Eight years later, Kally is a successful pastry chef running the caf shed always dreamed of owning. With a home ... [Read More...]

Love’s Many Guises: A Comedic Dance

Peter Mellingham discovers how tangled deceptions become after Cousin Sydney’s killers force him to hide. He loves Beth, but she knows him only as Cynthia. To woo her, Peter creates an admirer who Beth mistakenly believes is Lord Standsberry–the one Sydney suspects manipulated his death. Will the cost of Peter’s effective disguise be to sacrifice the love of his life? This fast-paced Regency has adventure, masks, confused identities, and a dog. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

A Seaside Return

A Seaside Return is a thrilling adventure dealing with family, grief, and second chances. A wonderful beach read that will delight fans of contemporary womens fiction with mysteries, long-lost love, and one womans quest for answers. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]