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Rancher Daddies

When I caught my fiance cheating on me With my maid of honor On our wedding day I ran away And now Im the nanny for three silver fox ranchers. Left with nothing but my wedding dress, I look for a soft place to lay my head. But what I find instead are three tough ranch brothers With broad shoulders to cry on. And rock-hard bodies to die for. All silver foxes. All rugged ex-Navy SEALs. And all as equally devoted to my wellbeing As I am to their two adorable little kids. Will we ride into the suns... [Read More...]

It Was Never Meant to Be

Note to self never fall in love with two brothers. In my opinion, love is overrated but downright wet and hot when sparks fly. Falling in love with two brothers was not my plan, but I did not avoid or stop it. I let things happen as they may. In my defense, I was not with them at the same time. But regardless, that was short-lived once they found out I had dated both of them. Ben and Liam are both attractive and above average in size, if you get my meaning. Liam is a military boy, muscular, wil... [Read More...]

Smoky Mountain Romance

Love and romance, family and holidays, pets and rescues four stories with a community of characters living in the fictional town of Laurel, North Carolina. The Smoky Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for falling in love. Travel to the mountains where wholesome stories and heartwarming families show us what is most in important. $2.99 each on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Babies in Twinkle Falls

When Kylee Croft rushed out of Angelcakes Cafe without paying her bill, little did she know the woman who chased, and hired, her could be the key to her pasta past her mum took to the grave. Raised as an only child in Chantilly, France, by a single mum, Kylee was told that her father had died soon after she was born. While going through her mums belongings months after her unexpected passing, Kylee uncovered the biggest secret of her mummys life. Traveling to Twinkle Falls, Vermont, in hopes of... [Read More...]


Im called many things: owner of the MLBs Charleston Hurricanes, perpetual bachelor, and the biggest asshole this side of home plate. Ive never had a problem with that. Until now. My infamous temper has landed me in serious trouble, and now Im at risk of losing the baseball team I love. The answer to my salvation is a mandated life coach. I have to complete three months of anger management sessions or I can kiss my ownership status goodbye. Sounds easy. Follow the rules and do whatever the coach... [Read More...]

A Man On A Mission

An unexpected connection blossomed between me and Frank, a mid-life military man, through letters that sparked an intense attraction. When he suddenly arrived at my door, our bond deepened, but his dangerous past caught up, leading to his abrupt departure. Hoping to bring him back, I had a crucial truth to share, unwilling to let go of what we had. Will my revelation be enough to reunite us, or have our paths diverged for good? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


The Vegas Aces could’ve hired anyone as their head coach, but they chose Lincoln Nash, son of my father’s worst enemy…and the man who was my first back when we were teenagers. A family feud may have torn us apart, but the biggest rivalry of all is going to be keeping my job as team correspondent as I fight my feelings for the new coach. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Christmas with Four Tattoo Artists

Four Scorching Tattoo Artists. One truly unforgettable Christmas. Working at a tattoo studio is everything and more. Graffiti walls. Pulsating music. And four insanely HOT bosses. Everything about them brings me to life. Pierced tongues, playful smirks, and larger than life personalities. My virgin skin becomes a canvas that ignites their fire… And the orders they give me leaves me weak in the knees. But as I’m drawn deeper into their world of ink, sin, and danger… A fierce bi... [Read More...]

Hair of the Dog: Revenge of Deanie O’Banion

A roaring historical fantasy with seances and gangsters 1920s, Chicago, Gregory is an artistic soul whose life is music– playing sax and piano– or running fixed seances to amuse patrons. He’s never been involved with the illegal family business like his brother Harrison. But after a brush with death during a raid on his family’s speakeasy, the ghost of Gregorys gang leader cousin transforms him. Gregory is now a genuine medium and has one chance to travel back in time to... [Read More...]

Holiday Magic: The Miller Sisters Boxed Set

What is it about the holidays that are so magical? For the Miller sisters, sharing a Christmas Eve birthday is just the start of their belief that the holidays are full of magic! Add in a trip around the world with a stranger for Sera, and getting snowed in with a stranger for Felicity, and that magic will lead them to the loves of their lives! Snuggle into your favorite cozy clothes, and join the Miller sisters on their holiday adventures! Date & Switch A Forced Proximity, Strangers to Lov... [Read More...]

A Cosy Christmas Sampler: Four Favorite Seasonal Reads in One Box Set

Full of heartwarming cheer, these utterly festive novellas have already been featured among the authors most popular UK titlesand now you can own all four of them together in one special Christmas collection. From a cosy Cornish village to a charming farm in Yorkshire, spend the yuletide season in the company of friends, laughter, romance, and warm wishes for the new year. This box set includes A Christmas in Cornwall, Sea Holly and Mistletoe Kisses, A Winter Moon’s Welcome, and The Holid... [Read More...]

Sapphire Brown: An erotic fantasy of desire, temptation, and self-discovery

Embrace the allure of the forbidden and surrender to your deepest desires Explore the hidden world of Sadie, whose seemingly perfect life conceals a burning desire that can no longer be denied. In the shadows of a seductive online realm, she unveils her true self as ‘Sapphire,’ discovering an insatiable hunger for passion, excitement, and the thrilling world of eroticism. When Sadie crosses paths with the enigmatic Liam, their passionate entanglement blurs the lines between fidelity... [Read More...]

Hunk of Burning Love: A Murray Brothers Boxed Set

Over 700 Pages! When the Murray Brothers are between yourpages youll get swoony banter, heroines in every shape and size, and plenty of workouts. Each of the Murray brothers stories are certified safe with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and an HEA. Come get smitten over Beckett, Cash, Presley, and Brother-in-Law Jesse! Books Included: Thirst Trap Flirt Like A Champ Secret Santa King of the Cul-de-Sac $3.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Beneath the Stars

From the USA TODAY bestselling author of HOOKED comes an angsty, second chance romance and the first interconnected standalone in The Sugarlake series. Alina Carson meets Chase Adams when shes eleven years old, after he moves in down the street carrying nothing but a chip on his shoulder and dimples in his cheeks. Immediately she falls, loving him before she even knows what loving is. But becoming best friends with Chases little sister means that hes off-limits, no matter how much their connect... [Read More...]

Daddy’s Christmas Surprise

When his wife died, Josh thought his life was over. Their marriage may have been a sham, but she had been his whole world. But he has so much left to live for, and his stepdaughter is going to prove it to him. This Christmas, she has just the surprise he needs to break him out of his slump… $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Christmas Surprise

This multi-POV interquel in The Rock Stars Wife series follows four young adults through one fateful holiday break in the year 2000. Double first cousins Cassie and Phil might be all grown up, but that doesnt mean theyre exempt from their conservative Greek familys expectations. And by dating non-Greeks, theyve gone and kicked a hornets nest. Spending the 2000 holidays at home in Sterling, IL, Phil and his girlfriend, Jennifer, wrestle with their desires for the future. Theyre in love, but his ... [Read More...]

Free: The New Billionaire Boss

Shes a smart, fierce, no nonsense, Taco Bell eating assistant. Hes a handsome, charming, Malibu Mint Martini drinking playboy. Their hilarious and disastrous meet-cute turns into the most fun day of their lives. Trouble is he cant fraternize with employees and she cant risk her livelihood over a charismatic Casanova. But that kiss! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Guardian’s Temptation

Can Ryder control his desire for his adult ward, or will he have her in all the dirty ways he craves? He tries to avoid temptation, but when Nichole pulls out all the stops to seduce him, he knows he’ll never be able to let her go, no matter what the world thinks. The sparks fly in this steamy, taboo romance. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Wild Wolf Betrothal

From packmates to soulmates: When friendships evolve into passion. Lucy Stratton had her life planned out. Her plans came to a screeching halt when she was ordered to honor the betrothal she entered into when she was a child. Being mated to someone she wasn’t in love with definitely wasn’t in her plans. Needing time to think about her options, she went on a journey, finding herself in Ivy Springs. Micah Degani was about to become alpha, tracked her down, determined to make her fall ... [Read More...]

Destiny of Magic: Paranormal Women’s Fiction

A witch. A warlock. A vengeful God. I fled Spirit Falls as soon as I was old enough, and the Darkwind council was happy to see me go. But it’s been twenty years and they are short on hunters in their supernatural war. So when they offer my son a place in their ranks, I portal myself to the council chambers in anger. As tempers flare, a bonding rune burns into my skin, and I find myself linked to a hunter I have never met. It’s been over a thousand years since a spontaneous bond form... [Read More...]

Free: Carolina Waves Series

Dive into a world of the Carolina Waves series, where passion ignites and sparks fly with every turn of the page. These steamy novels are packed with intense chemistry and captivating love stories. Each book spotlights a unique couple’s love story, making it easy to jump in at any point in the series. Free to $2.99 on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Conning the Billionaire: Romantic Suspense with a Twist

I come from a long line of con artists, card cheats, honey traps… grifters, if you will. My mother married wealthy men who died suddenly, and Dad counted cards at blackjack in Atlantic City until the Mafia offed him. Like father, like daughter. When I met Micah Shine, I should have realized if I wasn’t running the con… I was the mark. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Dangerous Secrets: A Bratva Billionaire Romance (Corrupt Bloodlines Book 5)

Hes been tasked to kill me but I love him. A woman like me is never meant to fall in love. My love is the kiss of death for everyone that comes near me. Except this time, I might wind up dead myself. As soon as I meet mafia assassin Roman Gusev, sparks fly and the urge to stop fighting temptation sizzles within me. I want what I cant have. And what I cant have is him – mysterious, dark, cruel Rome who can only be soft for me. Rome has been tasked with killing an assassin terrorizing the u... [Read More...]

A Holiday Love Affair

Doesnt everyone deserve forgiveness on Christmas? My ex is the last person I want to see. Especially here. Without love in my life, Ive poured myself into my career. I dont need anything else. Thats what I thought. Now shes walking around my business and my head. All. The. Time. I cant shake her or the way she makes me sweat with need. The worst part? She holds my fate in her hands. One wrong word and she could destroy my reputation. I might even deserve it after how I left her all those years ... [Read More...]

Love at Christmas

Lily Parker’s return to Abingdon, Virginia, a town rich in faith and love, marks a quest to revive her family’s cherished Blue Ridge Caf. Amidst the town’s snow-draped streets and Christmas melodies, she and pastor Samuel Thompson, whose pasts are mysteriously connected, explore a romance that tests their faith and confronts their responsibilities. This Christian romance novel weaves a tale of rediscovery and love, where prayers shape destinies and secrets linger in every hear... [Read More...]

3 SEAL Daddies for Christmas (Harem Hearts)

I swore I wouldn’t come back to my hometown. The moment I arrive home, three blasts from the past want to make me their Christmas miracle. When my brother tragically died, it left my life in a pile of ash. But an unexpected return to Harbank Spring reunites me with his three military best friends who’d do anything to take care of me. There’s Alexander Hawke, a veteran widower with a baby girl whom I shared a drunken kiss with years ago, before I skipped town. I broke his beaut... [Read More...]

Grumpy Grinch 2: Stranded With My Best Friend’s Brother Steamy Holiday Romance

I have visions of spicy nights with my alpha man this holiday, but that Grumpy Grinch ruined our Christmas cheer. Its the season of giving, and Im giving this holiday my all including my Rudolph G-string. We’ve been keeping a juicy secret for a long time, and now that Christmas is finally here, I cant wait to unwrap him like a gift with a big red bow. But Mother Nature doesn’t care about the plans we make. After dumping a mountain of snow on us overnight, my hot Santa has turned so ... [Read More...]

Manhattan Knights: The Complete Series

New look. Limited time only sale price! Save 85% on this complete series box set. Manhattan Knights follows a close-knit group of interconnected characters, with a leading man for everyone. Book 1 – FLAWLESS is the classic billionaire, knight in shining armor. Book 2 – RELENTLESS follows the bad boy best friend. Book 3 – ENDLESS features the best friend’s sister and the Dom. This series is a hot, smoldering read that will make you laugh, cry, and throw your kindle across... [Read More...]

Making Her His, A Steamy Curvy Girl Romance

Kats southern charm sent muscle spasms all over my body. She smelled like apple pie. I was anxious to know if she tasted like one too. I felt star struck when Troy walked on the elevator. Where did this man come from, I can feel my mouth watering. My mind clears instantaneously while admiring him, I envision him taking me behind closed doors. Im nearing my thirties, not married, still in therapy learning how to deal with past trauma. This man made me forget with one glimpse from his gorgeous, c... [Read More...]

Losing My Breath

A Marine never says die. Neither does his princess. Battle lines are drawn when sheltered debutante Meridian Daly moves across the hall from grumpy former special forces Marine Callan Brand. Situated a bit closer than advertised to ‘crime alley’, Meridians neighbor finds himself grudgingly guarding the pampered princess out of habit. But with her sharp wit and killer curves, he cant help but surrender to temptation When their relationship evolves from casual courtship to something m... [Read More...]

Touch Me

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they like to be touched. How much power does a simple touch possess? When Hannah Hayes put in her bid at the charity auction little did she know shed impulsively won an auction for one unforgettable night, or that being touched could be so transformative. Ptero and Jackal understand the incredible power of physical contact. They understand its ability to awaken desires never experienced before. Will Hannah be ready to accept this challenge, or will s... [Read More...]

Tapped Out Single Mom

“No single mom left behind, not on our watch.” “Huh?” I stammer, caught off-guard. “Pack your bags. Our home is your sanctuary, for as long as you need.” First day as a maid, and I’m a floundering mess… My Mom and babysitter ditches my kids for a date. Could it get any worse? A resounding YES! Enter my enigmatic twin billionaire bosses in the middle of my meltdown. They step up and offer my kids and I a refuge. And their two charming best friends ... [Read More...]