Advertise Your Romance Book is part of the network of sites, which includes 9 book related sites in total. If you are interested in promoting your book here and on 8 other sites including,, and booksliced then head over to JustKindleBooks where you can set up one promotion for all of our sites.

Why promote your book with us?

JustKindleBooks has been a trusted book promotion venue for over 7 years and has accrued over 51,000 newsletter subscribers and 78,000 Facebook followers, and thousands of daily site visitors. We do our best to get your book infront of romance lovers and to drive sales.

Another great perk of JustKindleBooks is that the site will promote all romance genres, including erotic romance (as long as the cover isn’t too risqué). Although the site promotes multiple genres, the top-performing book categories include romance and all the various romantic subgenres, such as paranormal, sweet, romantic comedy, western romance, and more.

Types of promotions: Find your perfect match

Every book promotion on JustKindleBooks is designed to be simple and author-friendly. Prices range between $22-$45, so even authors on a budget can increase their book sales and followers. Our submission form only takes 3 minutes to complete, and then you can sit back and let us do the hard work of your marketing for you! There are four different options, so you can pick one that will help you reach your promotional goals while still being easy on your wallet:

Premium Plus ($45) The Premium Plus option is the top-tier promotion and guarantees your novel the largest audience possible. This option includes:

      • A top spot for one day on the homepages and in the newsletters of JustKindleBooks, eReaderNation, and Booksliced.
      • A top spot in LostinRomance, GagaOverBooks and several other sites that we run.
      • A custom post on JustKindleBooks’ Facebook and Instagram page.
      • Posts on Twitter, Pinterest, and other social accounts.
      • 2-3 days of being featured in JustKindleBooks’ Hot Books section.
      • The option to add an eReaderNation and/or BookSliced Facebook post.

Premium ($38), Your book will be featured in a top spot on the homepages and in the newsletters of JustKindleBooks, eReaderNation, and Booksliced. Along with this prime visibility, the Premium promotion also includes:

      • A post about your book on JustKindleBooks’ Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ accounts.
      • The option to add an eReaderNation and/or BookSliced Facebook post.
      • A spot on the LostInRomanceBooks homepage.

Budget ($22) This inexpensive option gives your book plenty of visibility. JustKindleBooks and eReadernation will feature your book in their newsletter, on their homepage, and their Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ accounts. In addition to these advertising opportunities, your book will also be added to LostinRomance, GagaoverBooks and several other sites. You will also have the option to add your book on Booksliced or request a JustKindleBooks Facebook post.

Premium Article about Your Books – ($45) We will write a hand-crafted article about your books (or your book series) and publish it on one of our websites. This article is a great way to showcase your work, build your brand and find new readers. Additionally, you can use quotes from it on your Amazon page or post it to your Facebook page.  

Benefits of running a book promotion

Creating and publishing a beautifully written romance novel can be a real challenge in itself, but trying to promote your book and expand your audience can feel downright frustrating for most writers. If you are a new authors looking to gain traction or veteran romance writer looking to increase your fan base, consider these three benefits of book promotions. 

Boost your book sales. Advertising your book to as many readers as possible means that more people are likely to fall in love with your novel. When you run a book promotion, you’ll earn more sales on your current novel and help secure sales for future books.

Gain more book reviews. Reviews are incredibly important for all online sellers. Potential customers often skim the reviews before deciding if a product is worth their money or not, and if your book doesn’t have many reviews, it could deter readers. The more readers you have, the more reviews you will get. (Pro Tip: You can encourage more readers to write reviews by including a short ask in your novel’s back matter.) 

Expand your fan base. When you promote your book to thousands of readers who love romance, you’ll gain new fans and some of them become followers on your social media pages, newsletter, blog, or other online accounts you have. Instead of getting a few likes or comments on your Facebook posts, imagine if several fans regularly shared, commented, and interacted with you.