Second Chances in South Carolina

A gentle tale of loss and second chances, Amanda by LC Moore opens with the titular heroine settling into a charmed middle age. She shares her elegant home with an attentive, handsome unnamed husband and a much-loved college athlete daughter. Of course, it wasn’t always thus. The novel rewinds to the early 70s and to an Amanda alone and grieving. She flees her gilded Manhattanite milieu and a broken marriage for the small town of Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina. Troubled but healing, Amanda... [Read More...]

Beautiful People, Magic, Money and Romance

Charlii Darling’s earthy-yet-glitzy romances take in supernatural alternate worlds, the cut-and-thrust of corporate life and the rarefied plane of the high-end influencer. Equally at ease in each setting, her heroes and heroines combine vulnerability, gutsiness and the all-important, often incendiary sexiness. Big Slick, like another of our Darling picks, imagines a world in which magic moves Tinseltown almost as much as money. Her Hollywood Witches encounter morally flexible yet irresistible... [Read More...]

Urban Marriage 8: Atlanta Girl Explores Internet Dating Jungle

Slotting neatly into Tulipe Pascere’s ‘reality-based’ multiverse and influenced by frank TV dramas like “Sex and the City” or “The L-Word” (this novel name-checks the latter), Urban Marriage Volume 8 takes a look at love and dating for the nervous. Where other volumes of the series focus on later-life lesbian Katie, her wife Della and her unhappy daughter, Urban Marriage 8 follows an anxious ‘Atlanta Girl’ Aubrey through the trials of online and offline dating. With raucous, o... [Read More...]

Mail Order Brides Mislead

If you’re looking for wholesome, entertaining historical romance, there’s plenty to like in the Misleading Mail Orders series. Each of these books by Zerry Greenwood follows women who, for one reason or another, pin their hopes on men of varying reliability. These elegent and gentle stories of love, fortune, and family are set against a backdrop of immense social change and hardship, civil war, and the quest for gold. Each book features a distinctive heroine and revolves around a small weste... [Read More...]

Outback Romance Series

Offering escape to readers and its heroines, The Augathella Girls, an Australian outback-set romance series has austere landscapes, strong characters to root for, and fish-out-of-water tensions aplenty. This 8-book series by Annie Seaton is perfect for fans of small-town romances and sagas like Virgin River. Let’s take a look at the first 5 books in the series. Book 1, Outback Roads: The Nanny – Fleeing heartbreak after being dumped live on-air by her boorish fiancé, TV news weather pre... [Read More...]

How to Avoid Erotic and R-Rated Romance Novels

Romance is one of the most popular book genres for a reason. Everyone can enjoy a well-written story of two characters overcoming their differences and challenges to develop a relationship with each other. However, not all romance novels are created equal. While some readers don’t mind love stories with more risqué details, others prefer books that focus solely on the sweet, wholesome moments of a budding relationship. But unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to tell if a romance book is cl... [Read More...]

Simply Meant to Be, A Wholesome Romance Series by Jacie Middlemann

Do you love clean, sweet romance novels but don’t know which series to read next? The Simply Meant to Be saga by Jacie Middlemann might be exactly what you’ve been searching for! This wholesome four-part collection of books features strong heroines, humor, family drama, and (of course) happy-ever-afters. Each title features a unique couple that overcome all kinds of difficulties and unexpected surprises before ending up exactly where they’re meant to be: with each other.   Heart of t... [Read More...]

Erotic Romantic Comedy

Author Denice Holt is a mother and wife who loves life. Her sense of adventure and humor shine through the pages of her books, which are filled with unique characters you’ll fall in love with as they fall in love…or is it lust? Many romance novels end with the promise of marriage. In Holt’s books, marriage takes a second act and turns erotic and sexually adventurous. Is it possible that sexual fantasies can be fulfilled by a spouse of many years? Or an older divorced woman can score a hot ... [Read More...]

Top 10 Most Popular Romance Authors of the Decade

If you’re looking for some of the best romance novels written in the past decade, you’ve come to the right place! Each of the following authors have topped the New York Times bestseller list with one or more novels, and several have had their books adapted into TV shows, movies, and even musicals. Millions of romantic literature lovers and critics alike have raved about these outstanding writers. Will you fall head over heels for them as well? 2011: Nicholas Sparks Just a few weeks after pu... [Read More...]

Erotic Interracial Romance Novels by Author D.H. Chewins

If you’re a fan of E.L. James’ 50 Shades of Gray or Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, then you’ll want to check out the works of D.H. Chewins. Chewins is a retired engineer who wrote erotic romance novels as a side hobby before deciding to self-publish his two novels this year. Word of warning to romance fans: the books listed below are highly pornographic and explicit. If you’re looking for a sweet, wholesome love story without a lot of sexual imagery, you may want to look elsewhere. How... [Read More...]