Erotic Romantic Comedy

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Author Denice Holt is a mother and wife who loves life. Her sense of adventure and humor shine through the pages of her books, which are filled with unique characters you’ll fall in love with as they fall in love…or is it lust? Many romance novels end with the promise of marriage. In Holt’s books, marriage takes a second act and turns erotic and sexually adventurous. Is it possible that sexual fantasies can be fulfilled by a spouse of many years? Or an older divorced woman can score a hot twenty-something summer fling? In Holt’s erotic rom-com the answer is definitely yes! Here’s a look at four of Holt’s books.

Dream Works

denice holt rom com

Ryan is celibate by choice, and she’s an artist who only paints what she sees in her dreams. When Rick  and his wife commission her to make a particular  painting, they soon decide they might be the spark that brings her dreams and art to life. Soon their quest takes on a life of its own as they attempt to help Ryan break free from her self-imposed celibacy.

“An unexpectedly sweet and sexy story.” – Kkraus, Amazon Review

Summer Proposal

denice holt erotica

Sometimes, an unexpected guest can change everything…

After a cheating ex-husband and a string of disastrous first dates, Kate Thompson wonders if she’ll ever find her soulmate. Could a cute young chef’s proposal be just the recipe she needs to find her sexy happily-ever-after?

“Summer Proposal is a sizzling, spicy romance with a heroine my age which made it extremely relatable to me, as I find most romances are younger women with older guys.” – J Kimbel, Amazon Review

The Replacement

erotic romantic comedy

Preston Michaels is a male escort who wants to get out of the business. But it’s as easy as he thought it might be…

Being a gigolo for twenty years was a pretty good gig for Preston. And a few smart investments have made him a rich man. But now he wants something more. When his boss proposes that he retire from the business of pleasing women, he doesn’t realize that finding his replacement may be the most difficult job of all. He soon enlists the help of his hot neighbor, Riley, and that’s where things start to go off-the-rails for him, or on-the-rails as some may see it.

“Wow, this book exceeded all my expectations. It’s a shorta  erotic comedy, and it delivered all that. And then some.” – Kesse, Amazon Review

Sarah’s List

wife's sexual fantasies

Sarah Williams has it all, or does she? Sarah somehow shares her erotic wish list with her husband when a girl’s night out goes awry. Will her husband be devastated that he has only been adequate in bed all these years? Or, will he rise to the challenge and bring them to new heights of marital ecstasy?

“This was a very funny, erotic, romantic read.” – Roberta R, Amazon Review