Simply Meant to Be, A Wholesome Romance Series by Jacie Middlemann

Do you love clean, sweet romance novels but don’t know which series to read next? The Simply Meant to Be saga by Jacie Middlemann might be exactly what you’ve been searching for!

This wholesome four-part collection of books features strong heroines, humor, family drama, and (of course) happy-ever-afters. Each title features a unique couple that overcome all kinds of difficulties and unexpected surprises before ending up exactly where they’re meant to be: with each other.


Heart of the Cottage Court Motel

After her carefully-laid plans are turned upside-down, single mother Rebecca and her young son are forced to move back to the charming small town of Spring Falls. It doesn’t take long before Rebecca bumps into Connor, a childhood friend who has since become the town sheriff. Although Rebecca’s son is her top priority, she can’t help but feel drawn to Connor, even while she’s busy helping her great aunt and working on renovating the old Cottage Court Motel.

Full of mysterious family secrets, romance, and humor, this book is the perfect introduction to the Simply Meant to Be saga.


The Moment I Saw You

Emma and Lucus are two single individuals who aren’t looking for love. Both of them are strong-willed, independent, and focused on their work; no time for romance. However, when Emma purchases a new home that turns out to have far more issues than she expected, Lucus unexpectedly comes into her life. He manages to convince her to move to the town of Spring Falls and out of her problematic house, and entrusts her with a family mystery that Emma becomes determined to unravel.

The more time they spend together, the more the two reluctant lovers fall for one another.


My Way to You

Mac Cooper is on a mission to solve a family mystery. He travels to Spring Falls to confront a family that, according to his genealogical knowledge, isn’t supposed to exist. Mac is nervous about telling the family that one of his ancestors with a criminal past may have whisked one of their ancestors away from the town of Spring Falls.

Meanwhile, Jenna is filling in at the Cottage Court Motel when Mac checks in. As soon as she sees him, she immediately understands why two of her brothers got married so quickly in this small town just a few months prior. However, she’s not sure she wants to follow in their footsteps.


Never Too Late

Elise and Cole have known each other for several years, but Elise still can’t convince herself to make a commitment like marriage. Cole is happy to get married as soon as Elise is ready, and he has been gently nudging her for years to finally say yes to his proposals. Will Elise ever be able to overcome her fear of commitment and officially marry the love of her life?

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