Free: Hot for the Holidays: First in Series Second Chances Romance Collection

Love second chances and romantic suspense? Let this FREE collection heat up your holidays! Second Chance Billionaires in every book! Included: RUTHLESS GAMES: RUTHLESS BILLIONAIRES CLUB A fiery heiress. A global empire. And a hot billionaire hiding in plain sight. Meet Davis R. Black … aka Richard. Some know him as a tech mogul. To Jaclyn, he’s the King of the A-holes. Which is why this billionaire is hiding his in plain sight.Because if she knew who he was, there’s no way sheR... [Read More...]

Tell Me You Love Me: A Secret Pregnancy Romance

My first mistake was sleeping with my boss. My second mistake was expecting him to love me. I babysit Antony’s twins and I love those kids to death. Getting romantically involved with their dad caused trouble. I knew it would before I put myself in that position. All those positions. Could I have avoided it? Yes. Did I want to? No. Antony was so painfully irresistible that I had to be made of stone to not want to sleep with him. My stubborn heart couldn’t allow him to be with someone else. ... [Read More...]

Bad Boy Love Affair

My new assistant is the type of girl to make the naughtiest parts of me wake up. She’s supposed to be there to help me figure out this new casino I bought. But instead, I’m ogling her every move and trying to figure out how to buy up all of her assets. Success can take a back seat to the plans I have for this girl. Lucky for me, my last name buys me a lot more than I deserve. I’m a wheeler and dealer, so this casino gig is right up my alley. It’s all fun and games until I owe a little b... [Read More...]

Free: Working Stiff: Casimir (Secret Billionaires Book 1)

When Rox was hired, she told her smoking-hot boss Cash that she was married, but she’s not. Now, three years later, she’s kind of accidentally living with him, and he’s being a perfect gentleman, dang it. Everybody in the office said that Cash was a heartbreaker, that he’d bump her and dump her, so Rox decided not to become a statistic. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Rhett’s Make – Believe Marriage

To save her business, Evelyn will have to risk her heart. And her pride. She knocks on Rhett’s door—the only person she thinks will go along with her crazy plan. Could their make-believe marriage be exactly what they both need to get out of their own way and find a happily-ever-after? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Moonlit Night

Is he a stalker, a gold digger, or her last chance for happiness in life? What else is author Abbi Petersen supposed to think when an attractive man looks at her with that spark in his eyes? She’s older, he’s younger, she lives with a menagerie of pets; he lives alone. Speaking of which, he stole her dream home right out from under her. And now he wants her heart. The only thing British actor Ben Quinn is interested in is hightailing it out of Tinseltown. So, he buys a buddy’s house on th... [Read More...]

Free: Love, Me

He has trouble written all over him. From his dark brown eyes and cocky smile to the leather jacket and ripped jeans, I know exactly what kind of guy he is. The tempting bad boy comes out of nowhere and makes me question everything…and everyone. He marks people’s skin for a living, but what he doesn’t know is he’s already tattooed his way onto my heart. I don’t need ink for a permanent reminder of him, but I’d do almost anything for his touch. ... [Read More...]

Christmas Triad

Three marine brothers delivering BIG Christmas packages for one very lucky lady. The Wolf brothers were my childhood friends. All three of them were hot as sin. It made for some very awkward teenage years. Now, they’re back in my life. Older, stronger, more protective, and hotter than ever. When my creep ex shows up in town to cause harm… My former childhood friends circle the wagons. Now I find myself wanting more than just a friendship. How will I ever choose between the three of ... [Read More...]

Her Three Bears

Her Three Bears, a reverse harem Goldilocks fable retelling set in the MC romance world. Amber Gold is on the run from her family. The Kodiak Brothers think she’s just right in their beds. Her Three Bears is not the fairytale your mama told you. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Mistle Text

I’m Holly Snow & I’m in desperate need of a miracle. I’m raising my adorable niece and I can barely make ends meet. So when my bestie’s tall, dark, and Scroogy boss needs a personal Christmas shopper, I take the job. Turns out he also needs a fake girlfriend for the holidays – cha-ching! Now, I just have to stop myself from falling for him… $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]