Captain Hotness

I’m a single father. Ex-Military and now a Firefighter. That means I’m trained to find danger in every situation. So how did I not see Bailey coming? She’s the spark that starts an inferno. She’s been nothing more than a friend since we were kids, but she’s all grown up now. My best friend’s little sister is in for one hell of a love story. It goes something like this…I’m her man, and my heart is all hers. And her innocent, virgin body is all mine. Cause with her? I don’t put ... [Read More...]

The Dukes and Desires Series

Lovely Alice Lacey was truly incomparable, and her marriage to the Duke of Ferrant was the event of the season. Almost no one realized, however, that Alice was secretly in love with someone else – or that she had confided her feelings to a clever talking mynah bird who announces these intimacies at the moment of the couple’s wedding. Now the gossip mongers are relentless. Alice’s marriage started out, and has remained, cold and impersonal, and her new husband is already rumore... [Read More...]

Some Place Like Home

Get whisked away to England’s glorious Lake District in this sweet and clean romance. Amy Aucoin arrives in the village of Crossmere to find her timing is just right – and all wrong. She discovers not only a place to call home, but a man she could easily love. Harry Richmond always sticks to the plan, however, and he moves to London in a week. As romance kindles between them, will Harry change his plans and choose to stay with Amy? This new release explores the delicious thrill of new p... [Read More...]

Free: Pandemic Be Damned: Stories of Erotic Romance to Get You Through

Does the global lockdown and pandemic have you feeling melancholic? Not feeling your sexiest as you fight other people for the last bottle of hand sanitizer? Wish you could be transported to a world of hunky, sex-on-a-stick men who love nothing more than making their woman feel like a goddess…all without having to wear a face mask? Erotic romance authors, Anastasia McKellan and Madison Martin, present two of their favorite previously published stories about hot connections between men and wom... [Read More...]

His to Defend

I will live by the code of conduct—but rules are meant to be broken. Lars Ivanov is a speed junkie, so stepping in to guard a famous race car driver should be a breeze. As a bonus, Lars arrives in time to rescue a beautiful French-American press agent from a bullet too. Guarding Lillian with his body is the easy part, but discovering who is out for her blood is another story. Personally, he thinks someone is just trying to shut the irritating woman up…though it would be a pity to destroy su... [Read More...]

A Life Without Touch

“The world got quiet. It seems like everyone was in unison. Do not touch. Social Distancing. Isolation. Quarantine. A virus gave a new status quo. Be alone to be alive. But be active to let others know you’ve survived” “The simplest things in life sounds, so dramatic and far fetched as I desire them. I would not explain it to myself years ago, the anxiety I am experiencing now. The fear of taking a book, walking across the street to the park, and reading. So simple? So i... [Read More...]

Boss Next Door

I will keep my hands to myself. I will not stare at the guy next door. And I will definitely not have a one-night stand with him. But one single touch and my plan crumbled into dust. William was just too tempting to ignore. A billionaire with piercing blue eyes. Could you blame a girl for hooking up with a hot older man? But this is not why I moved to a new town. This not why I applied to a new job. I’ve got to focus. Keep my eyes on the prize. And forget about the billionaire who took my bre... [Read More...]