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Im human. Stubborn. Curious. Homesick. And Im stuck on the magical tropical island of Sceadu, full of supernatural um people.
I want desperately to leave, but theres a catch all I have to do is figure out what lesson this crazy, sentient island has for me. Did I mention Im gifted?

Sceadus academy is dangerous and bewildering, so of course Im sent there. Vampires, witches, and fairies roam the halls. Some students are so effing bizarre, I cant even identify what they are. Somehow Sceadu keeps the dragon and bear shifters in line. And the werewolves well let’s just say they defy imagination.
Sceadus classes don’t interest me in the least, the only lesson I want to learn is the secret that frees me from this d*m rock!
After meeting a strange green-eyed boy in the woods, Thatcher Blue, I get distracted. He’s not the dark-eyed boy, Bellocaro, who gives me guidance in my dreams, but he’s certainly drool worthy.

Thats an understatement. As if being stranded on an enchanted island wasn’t hellish enough, now a vampire wants me dead just for locking eyes on Thatcher.
Dammit, am I ever going to catch a break?
All I have to do is survive long enough to figure out Sceadus lesson and then Im out of here. But will I?

*** This is a dark sassy romance don’t expect it to be full of good magic and sunshine despite the locale. Humans on Sceadu dont always survive or thrive like the supernatural students do. And life at Sceadu academy is anything but easy. Tegwyn Lou is certainly no Professor McGonagall but she does have an uncanny sense of whats going on most of the time. If only she could keep the bullies at bay. Theres a reason this book has won so many awards. So hold on to your Kindles and get ready for a helluva ride.***

Five Stars for Bellocaro from Readers Favorite. Bellocaro is the winner of the Literary Titan Book Award, is a Semi-finalist in the 10th Annual Kindle Book Awards, and received honorable mention in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards.

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