MIRTH and Other Dark Tales of Love

NEVER LET THE PASSION END. Ghosts are faithful lovers…forever. Vampires may steal your heart, but they demand a piece of your soul and hold it with their amorous grasp for centuries.Are you willing to succumb and invite the darker side of romance into your heart with a phantom lover who is drawn only to you? Become spellbound by tales of otherworldly devotion, longing, and sublime attraction. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Fahrenheit’s Ghost

A weapon of mass destruction in the whisper of a child… When a savage crime boss attacks her family, Colleen vows to do whatever it takes to protect them. Even if it means stealing a superpowered person from a sadistic millionaire. A top government agent, Karen has lied and killed in the name of justice. Kidnapping, then, isn’t a stretch. Especially if it’s someone who threatens the country she’s vowed to protect. But when Colleen and Karen discover that the person they’ve been se... [Read More...]

The Dowry

Recently divorced Robert Garrison was just looking for a new start in life as his real estate agent led him down the back roads of Florida looking for a new home. A Middle East war veteran, he was in search of a project that he could lose himself in. Unfortunately, the only thing that interested him was the decaying Foxworth House. It was family-owned and not available, or so he was told. A mysterious handwritten invitation, an elderly woman and rumors of a haunted house are just the beginning ... [Read More...]

Courageous, She Loves: A Dark and Twisted Snow Queen Retelling (A Never After Tale)

Only an act of true love can unite the kingdom and shed light on the secrets of the past. With peace faltering, a war brewing, and a Queen missing, Princess Aslyn embarks on a dangerous journey to find her sister and convince her to return home to take hold of their kingdom before everything falls. But the path to find Queen Eva is treacherous. It’s up to mysterious and uncomfortably sexy vampire Kane to show her the way and keep her alive. Can Aslyn find her sister and help her keep the ... [Read More...]


Seventeen-year-old Renny McGuire had carefully orchestrated her life, right down to her plans to trade small-town life for college in the big city. She’d made sure nothing would get in the way of her perfect plan. All that changes one night when Renny agrees to close her mother’s bookstore. Fate steps in, disguised as an ancient Celtic book of magic. Dabbling in magic under a Blood Moon, she inadvertently opens a portal between time and worlds, awakening a witch’s curse, lost ... [Read More...]

Claimed By The Alpha Wolf

My dark past haunts my new reality. I’m not just a firefighter. I’m also the newly appointed Alpha of the Shadowbrook wolf-shifter pack. But that isn’t the only thing that’s changed. I’ve partnered with Grace. The sexy police officer in search of missing children. She knows it’s best to accept my help. But Grace is smart. She also knows that I can’t keep my hands off of her. Well, neither can she. She won’t admit it, but we’re meant to be. I want to claim her as my mate. Mark ... [Read More...]

Dragon’s Second Chance (Elite Shifters of Colorado Book 2)

#Betrayal, Bitter Memories, and a Broken Dragon. He was the son of the Elite Dragon King and the strongest and fiercest among all the shifter clans. He was the only heir but he didn’t want his throne back. He had been betrayed by his own blood. He had his one true mate and there was no replacement for her. But life had different plans… Going back to Colorado was the last thing he wanted until he saw her. He had peered into the depths of her striking and beautiful eyes. There was something v... [Read More...]