The Audient and The Phantom Night

The Legend of the Flying Dutchman meets Beauty and the Beast in this action-packed fantasy filled with searing romance, outlawed magic, and seafaring danger. Fenna Terrigan never expected to leave her seaside village. She was too quiet, too gentle, and far too kind to take on life outside of the bookshop she works at. But when her brother shows up on her doorstep begging for aid, with a pirate captain hot on his tail, Fenna will do anything to protect him…even if that means taking on his ... [Read More...]

Twins for the Barbarians

On a fire planet where human women are treasured, I should be happy to have a new home… But as one of the few unmated women The burden of choice hasn’t been easy. Resisting Helios and Kharo feels nearly impossible, Especially when every instinct urges me to grab them by their horns and never let go. But we’ve got a big problem A dark secret threatens to shatter everything we’ve built. And being knocked up with twin aliens makes everything that much more complicated. $0.9... [Read More...]

The Wolves of Anchorage

Powerful, captivating wolf shifters entangled in intrigue, mystery, and passion all for the pursuit of love. Each one is driven to the brink, ready to confront any challenge to safeguard their true mate… even if it entails braving the fiercest of battles. A Complete 6 smoking hot collection of Wolf Shifter Romance! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Zoey When Theopart minotaur, part enigmawalks into my salon seeking a makeover, my quiet life explodes into a whirlwind of desire and danger. Beneath his awkward exterior lies a potent masculinity that defies the rules. As passion blooms, those who dont condone a love like ours take their hatred a step too far and threaten our very lives. Theo On Earth, where Im an Other, Zoey awakens my forbidden desires. Her playful spirit unveils a world of acceptance and love I never dared dream of, but dan... [Read More...]

Dad Bod Demon

Penelope I live a sheltered existence, locked in a gilded cage and unaware of the dark bargain that sealed my fate before I was even born. Promised to Mammon, the demon of greed, by my father in exchange for wealth and power, my innocence becomes the currency of a twisted deal. But when I’m forced wed to Mammon, I discover an unexpected love I never could have imagined, igniting a forbidden passion amidst the shadows of my father’s betrayal. Mammon is protective, growly, and drop-de... [Read More...]

Demon Whispers (The Survival Chronicles, Book 1)

Never trust a demon. Demon hunter Devon Salomon never expected to break her family’s #1 rule, but five years of servitude to their killers have left her low on options. Her sister is still out there and if she wants to find her, escape is her only option. Enter Rowan, sinfully attractive demon with his own grudge against the people who enslaved her. He offers her a deal a chance at freedom and revenge. More importantly, hell help Devon find her little sister. Unsure why he would join a de... [Read More...]

The Psychic Colors Series

Introducing the Psychic Colors Series: A Captivating Blend of Paranormal Suspense and Romance The Psychic Colors Series is a linked series with a new pair of protagonists in each book. This mesmerizing collection of paranormal romantic suspense novels will keep you on the edge of your seat. The addictive series follows the lives of extraordinary individuals gifted with unique psychic abilities as they navigate a world filled with danger, secrets, and unexpected love. At the heart of each story ... [Read More...]

Barbarian Daddies

Falling for twin alien warriors is something out of a sci-fi movie But the way they make me feel is undeniably REAL. Three years ago, aliens abducted my friends and me. Landing us on a volcanic planet far from Earth. Now, we’ve finally chosen to fight alongside the Fire Tribe warriors. But despite my best efforts I’ve fallen for the Hadana twins. Kai and Maur. Protective. Possessive. And intense in every way. And as we inch closer to victory, a shocking revelation turns my world ups... [Read More...]