The House on Serpent Lake: A Haunting Story of Timeless Love

Strange things happen when Lindsay sees the decaying house her husband inherited for the first time: she knows how the rooms are arranged, knows of a gazebo that hasn’t existed for fifty years. Hints of Bay Rum aftershave follow her through the house. A stirring of air whispers, “Remember…remember.” $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

World of Corpses

Our world is dead… but it isn’t staying dead… 6 months have passed since the outbreak of a plague that’s claimed the lives of 90% of humanity and brought civilization to a grinding halt. In the ashes of what remains, a small group struggles to survive and to try and discover what really happened and how to make things right… Yet at every turn, the ravenous hordes of the undead seek to devour them and bands of frightened, greedy and even evil men and women seek to consolidate what littl... [Read More...]

Free: Bunny Hearts Bear (Heartland Shifters, Book 2)

Hillary Raz wants nothing to do with her ex, Alec Thompson when he blows into town after leaving her for football five years earlier. Unfortunately, her bunny has other ideas. The energetic rabbit doesn’t care about a silly thing like a broken heart, she just wants to get her tiny paws on the bear shifter who is her true mate. ... [Read More...]

Obsessed with the Alpha Wolf

Only she could soothe the storm raging inside him… I’m a wolf shifter and Alpha of the Lenox pack. She only knows me as a firefighter who saved her life. My truth is much darker. She might never forgive me once she finds out who I really am. Lana is my fated mate. She’s the woman I’m obsessed with. I shouldn’t get close to her… but I also can’t stop myself. I feel the need to protect her… to make her mine. I’ve got enemies that I have to fight. I need to defend the pack. C... [Read More...]