Fun & Flirty…Romance Novels by Eva Haining

If you’re looking for fun, feel-good romance novels to enjoy on the beach this summer, reach for a book by Eva Haining. Whether you’re into professional sports players, handsome businessmen, or small-town farmers, Haining has something you’re sure to love! Fumble Faith Fairchild is an assistant to Hunter Vaughn, a professional football player who has been voted “the sexiest man alive” for 4 years in a row. Faith has a huge crush on the sports icon, and she fantasizes about him taking ... [Read More...]

Our Next Dance: Paranormal Romance

What do you get when you mix a young adult novel, a chilling paranormal tale, and a love story into a single book? If it’s from debut author Carrie Atkins, then the result is an enchanting and captivating novel that’s nearly impossible to put down. With complex characters, young love, and plenty of suspense, Atkins’ book is sure to appeal to anyone who loves YA novels, supernatural elements, or mysteries. A Ghost Love Story Atkins’ novel, Our Next Dance., introduces us to the chara... [Read More...]

Valhalla Warriors: Gay Motorcycle Romance Series

Imagine the immortal gods and heroes of Valhalla living in the modern world, on a mission to protect humanity and indulge in passionate affairs with a few attractive mortals. This is the Valhalla universe according to gay romance author, Rosie Jarvis. In Jarvis’s stories, determined, powerful protectors are part of an elite motorcycle club under the direction of the god, Odin. The Valhalla Warriors series features adventure, gay romance, and truly unique modern interpretations of the ancient h... [Read More...]

The Kinklink Series: Erotic Romance by Tara Eldana

Award-winning writer Tara Eldana fell in love with reading romance novels when she was still in high school, but it took her over 2 decades to follow her passion and start writing love stories herself. After writing detailed articles about several criminal trials for a newspaper, she decided it was time for her to create her own stories that always had happy endings. Eldana has published over a dozen erotic romance novels, including the popular trilogy called the Kinklink series. With bad-boy he... [Read More...]

Dreamy Historical Romance Novels by GL Robinson

Go back in time to the elegance of the Regency period with the beautifully written historical romance novels by author GL Robinson. With humorous twists and turns, light-hearted love stories, and deep philosophical queries, each unique story will have you cheering on the relatable feminine heroes as they search for their perfect suitors. The Lord and The Red-Headed Hornet Hot-headed Amelia is fiercely protective of her brother, Aurelius, who wants to join the army to fight against Napoleon’s ... [Read More...]

7 Hot Dragon Shifter Romance Novels

Are you getting bored of the plethora of supernatural novels featuring vampires and werewolves? Spice up your reading list with these exciting, unconventional romantic tales of shape-shifting dragons to understand why this up-and-coming romance subgenre is all the rage. My Dragon Lord “My Dragon Lord” is the debut novel of Alisa Woods’ Broken Souls series, in which the reader is introduced to Ember, a hot-headed reporter, and Niko, a dashing billionaire who lives in a hidden castle deep i... [Read More...]

Ghosted – Fall in Love With Paranormal Romance

If the paranormal realm intrigues and excites you, there’s a new author on the scene with a debut romance novel that dares to question: can you fall in love with a ghost? Author Baye Hartshorne published Ghosted, the first book in The Treason House Trilogy, in December 2019. Although little is known about the mysterious Hartshorne’s personal life, her steamy, fast-paced debut novel will give readers a glimpse into the expansive world of paranormal romance. Can you fall in love with a ghost? ... [Read More...]

The Magnolia Series: A Sweet Romance Saga by Robyn Locksley

Romance author Robyn Locksley fell in love with literature at an early age, avidly devouring books and writing award-winning essays and stories since she was in junior high. As Locksley grew up, she carved out a niche in the romance genre, captivating readers on fanfiction sites and then publishing her first series, Salvation, on Amazon’s (now defunct) Kindle Worlds platform. Then, she released the first installment in “The Magnolia Series” in June 2020, making even more readers fall in l... [Read More...]

Romance Series by Charlotte Phillips

Author Charlotte Phillips is a UK-based author of endearing romance series and contemporary romance novellas for HarperCollins and Harlequin/Mills & Boon. She first launched her writing career by entering a global contest for new writers in 2011, and was selected as one of the four finalists to receive a publishing deal. Since then, she has published over a dozen stories while living in Wiltshire, England with her three children, husband, and dachshund. Below, you’ll be introduced to 3 of ... [Read More...]

Buying Romance Novels by the Lot

If you’re a voracious reader of romance novels you might want to buy them in bulk on eBay. Currently, eBay has over 28,000 romance book lots listed. The amount of books and the price can vary depending on the popularity of the novels and the date of publication, but it isn’t uncommon to find collections of 10 books between $11 and $20. A single lot may include anywhere from 5 books to 30 books, or the listing may instead refer to the lot by the total weight of the novels (5 lbs is most commo... [Read More...]