Our Next Dance: Paranormal Romance

What do you get when you mix a young adult novel, a chilling paranormal tale, and a love story into a single book? If it’s from debut author Carrie Atkins, then the result is an enchanting and captivating novel that’s nearly impossible to put down. With complex characters, young love, and plenty of suspense, Atkins’ book is sure to appeal to anyone who loves YA novels, supernatural elements, or mysteries. A Ghost Love Story Atkins’ novel, Our Next Dance., introduces us to the chara... [Read More...]

Ghosted – Fall in Love With Paranormal Romance

If the paranormal realm intrigues and excites you, there’s a new author on the scene with a debut romance novel that dares to question: can you fall in love with a ghost? Author Baye Hartshorne published Ghosted, the first book in The Treason House Trilogy, in December 2019. Although little is known about the mysterious Hartshorne’s personal life, her steamy, fast-paced debut novel will give readers a glimpse into the expansive world of paranormal romance. Can you fall in love with a ghost? ... [Read More...]