Ghosted – Fall in Love With Paranormal Romance

If the paranormal realm intrigues and excites you, there’s a new author on the scene with a debut romance novel that dares to question: can you fall in love with a ghost?

Author Baye Hartshorne published Ghosted, the first book in The Treason House Trilogy, in December 2019. Although little is known about the mysterious Hartshorne’s personal life, her steamy, fast-paced debut novel will give readers a glimpse into the expansive world of paranormal romance.

Can you fall in love with a ghost?

When psychically-inclined Julia Crawley loses her job, she decides to move to her sweet grandmother’s small town on the Jersey Shore as she ponders her next career move. The village of Monmouth Cove appears tranquil and friendly at first, but Julia soon learns that there’s a dark history behind the ancient building known only as the “Treason House” to local residents. The now-decrepit building is rumored to be haunted by ghosts of the Revolutionary War, including the spirit of a treasonous colonist who was killed by British soldiers during the fight for independence. Despite the building’s foreboding appearance and chilling past, Julia feels drawn to the Treason House, and she soon decides to investigate.

Julia’s strong awareness of the supernatural not only draws spirits towards her, but she is one of the few people who can see ghosts as well. So, when she’s greeted by the soft-spoken ghost of Knight, a handsome Victorian man, she immediately feels more than just a psychic connection. Their relationship quickly blossoms, but there are several obstacles standing in their way. For one, Knight is a couple centuries older than Julia, which creates some communication issues. Julia also has an extensive, dysfunctional family that she feels she can’t ever escape from. And of course, there’s the 17th-century pirate ghost who seems hell-bent on destroying Knight’s relationship with Julia.

This novel is a witty, exciting journey that touches upon true historical facts, the tension of romantic relationships, and the uncertainty of the supernatural world. Paranormal romance fans are sure to enjoy this unique debut novel, and then they can look forward to Hartshorne’s upcoming books in The Treason House Trilogy. In late 2022, Spirited will be released to continue the story of Julia and Knight, and Envisioned will conclude the trilogy in 2025.


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