Fun & Flirty…Romance Novels by Eva Haining

If you’re looking for fun, feel-good romance novels to enjoy on the beach this summer, reach for a book by Eva Haining. Whether you’re into professional sports players, handsome businessmen, or small-town farmers, Haining has something you’re sure to love!


Faith Fairchild is an assistant to Hunter Vaughn, a professional football player who has been voted “the sexiest man alive” for 4 years in a row. Faith has a huge crush on the sports icon, and she fantasizes about him taking her virginity. Although Hunter is highly attracted to Faith, he has a rule about not sleeping with virgins. But as tensions rise and the two get closer, Hunter starts to second-guess the rules of his own game.


“Coop” Danford is an NFL Titan who luxuriates in his fame, fortune, and hordes of female fans. He never considered the idea of getting married, let alone having children, until he had a one-night stand with Zoey “Zee” Porter. Coop tries to initiate a relationship with Zee, who enjoys her freedom too much to settle down with one man… until she finds out she’s expecting.


Anders Verbeck, MLB pitcher for the Yankees, is enjoying his time in the spotlight, playing the sport he loves. He’s young, sexy, and at the top of his game — with countless female fans to cheer him on. However, when he meets the star batter for the USA women’s baseball team, Brooke Lexington, he becomes determined to win her over.

Manhattan Knights

This 3-part series was initially published under the pen name, “Sienna Parks” in 2017. Now, readers can enjoy the full trilogy of a modern, grown-up version of an endearing fairytale.

  • Flawless begins with Xander Rhodes, an elegant businessman who falls madly in love with the sweet Lily Tate. The whimsical and sexy love story will leave readers believing in “happily ever after.”
  • Relentless is a wild thrill ride that features an unlikely couple who both swore they’d never fall in love. As Addi and Carter struggle to balance their everyday lives with their deep passion for each other, they’ll take readers on an emotional rollercoaster.
  • Endless tells the tale of Logan and Vittoria, who share a life-changing moment that nobody else can understand. The two are hopelessly drawn to each other, but life has more surprises in store for the love-struck couple.

Mustang Ranch

This trilogy tells 3 unique stories of characters finding their way back to their roots. You can read these books in order or as stand-alone novels!

  • Mustang Daddy is a story of a single father moving back to his hometown to tend to his family’s ranch. His life is finally settling down when he sees her for the first time in over a decade: his former high school sweetheart, A.B. Clark.
  • Mustang Buck is the passionate story of Savannah, who moved to a small town for one boyfriend, but soon became attracted to another man. Jax, the wrangler with a bad-boy reputation, seems all wrong for Savannah, but she still finds herself drawn to him. And despite his best intentions, Jax starts to have feelings for Savannah, too.
  • Mustang Hollywood is a hilarious, drama-fueled story of two Hollywood stars who are forced to work together on a movie set. J.J. and Maisie immediately find each other infuriating, but they can’t deny their physical attraction to one another. If they can’t diffuse the tension somehow, the entire film might end in flames.


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