Valhalla Warriors: Gay Motorcycle Romance Series

Imagine the immortal gods and heroes of Valhalla living in the modern world, on a mission to protect humanity and indulge in passionate affairs with a few attractive mortals. This is the Valhalla universe according to gay romance author, Rosie Jarvis.

In Jarvis’s stories, determined, powerful protectors are part of an elite motorcycle club under the direction of the god, Odin. The Valhalla Warriors series features adventure, gay romance, and truly unique modern interpretations of the ancient heroes.

“I write MM gay romance because I absolutely love the idea of two (or more) men sharing their life and love with the world,” says Jarvis. “It gives hope to me to think that one day we can love anyone (or more than one) and it will be accepted.”

For a light-hearted and adventurous read featuring loving gay relationships, you can check out either of Jarvis’s books in the series so far. These books can be read in order or as stand-alone novels, and each one contains a link to a free bonus sample!

Cutter’s Mission

Abbott McClain is in some serious trouble. On the run from a dangerous human trafficker and murderer, Abott is speeding through Texas when his car suddenly breaks down. In the middle of nowhere, he hesitantly enters a biker bar nearby. This is when Abott catches the eye of James Alan Cutter, one of the members of the immortal motorcycle club.

Cutter feels an immediate desire to protect and care for the terrified young man, and he promises Abbott that he’ll be safe with him. However, danger is still after Abbott, and Cutter realizes that the situation might need more than just one immortal warrior to stop the evil human trafficking ring for good.

JT’s Mission

John “JT” Myers ascended to Valhalla in the midst of World War II, but something has brought JT back down to Earth. JT now recognizes and accepts the fact that he’s attracted to men, so when an opportunity arises to be a bodyguard for the handsome country singer Kit Billups, he jumps at the chance.

Meanwhile, Art “Growler” Breckenridge has been tasked with helping Kit deal with a mysterious stalker. Like JT, Growler is a member of Odin’s Valhalla Warriors club, and he isn’t afraid of a little danger. However, Growler begins to struggle with his growing attraction not only to Kit, but to his fellow biker, JT. As the three men aim to sort out Kit’s professional career, protect his life, and fix his reputation, they also struggle in secret with their growing passion for one another.


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