Dreamy Historical Romance Novels by GL Robinson

Go back in time to the elegance of the Regency period with the beautifully written historical romance novels by author GL Robinson. With humorous twists and turns, light-hearted love stories, and deep philosophical queries, each unique story will have you cheering on the relatable feminine heroes as they search for their perfect suitors.

The Lord and The Red-Headed Hornet

Hot-headed Amelia is fiercely protective of her brother, Aurelius, who wants to join the army to fight against Napoleon’s troops. Ameila is determined to prevent her brother from getting in harm’s way, so she cleverly convinces an aristocrat that he should hire her as a secretary. Despite Amelia’s employment, Aurelius decides to join the army anyways… and then her new boss disappears, too. Now it’s up to Amlia to save both of them and prove her worth once and for all.

Rosemary or Too Clever To Love

Rosemary, a governess to young Marianne, encourages the young girl to read, become educated, and pursue knowledge: no matter what the boys around her have to say about it. When Marianne’s father unexpectedly passes away, Rosemary and the young girl are sent to live with the Earl of Tyndell, who has rather archaic views on women’s education. Rosemary bravely refutes his comments about her and Marianne, and the Earl is stunned at her intelligence. The Earl used to believe that women had to be kept in line, but now he’s starting to fall for the clever Rosemary. His only hope is that she will fall in love with him, too.

Cecilia or Too Tall To Love

Tall, gangly, and spunky Cecilia Beaumaris is an orphaned girl who has a dream of becoming a teacher and opening a school to teach young women just like her. When her boarding school closes, she’s sent away to her aunt and uncle, who quickly give her a small fortune to convince her to leave them alone as well. Meanwhile, Tommy Allenby, the Earl of Broome, is reluctant to get married and doesn’t like any of the eligible bachelorettes he has met so far. When he encounters Cecilia, the two agree to fake a relationship until they can each figure out the next part of their lives. But as time goes on, the unlikely pair may realize they’re more suitable for each other than they thought…

Imogen or Love and Money

Lonely widow Imogen craves independence, so she sets out on her own to begin investing in the London stock markets, determined to carve out a place for herself in the busy city. When Lord Ivo Rutherford, a wealthy man from Imogen’s childhood town, has a chance encounter with Imogen in London, he finds himself taken by the woman’s confidence and outspoken nature. Will Lord Ivo be able to put aside his ego to form a real relationship? Will Imogen finally let her guard down and let someone else into her life? Only time will tell.

The Earl and The Mud-Covered Maiden

This is the debut novel of The House of Hale series, which begins with a reckless carriage driver on a muddy country road. The mysterious Earl driving the cart ends up splashing mud all over a rain-soaked young lady as she was trying to hurry home in the downpour. Shocked, but oddly attracted to the handsome gentleman, she decides to accept his invitation back to his home. The relationship between them blossoms, but Sophy quickly realizes there are a lot of hidden secrets in the Earl’s past. As the two grow together, the complicated past keeps coming back to haunt them. Will they be able to solve the Earl’s family secrets and mysteries, or are they doomed to live with tough questions forever?

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