The Blood Moon Series: YA Paranormal Romance

If you’re a fan of the Twilight saga or the Beautiful Creatures series, you’ll fall head-over-heels for the latest paranormal romance novels by Aimee Sellars. Sellars’ Blood Moon series is perfect for teen readers, but fantasy fans of all ages will love the tales based on Celtic mythology, mysterious creatures, magical beings, and, of course, romantic escapades. This Halloween, settle in with a mug of your favorite tea or cocoa and enjoy the whirlwind adventures of 17-year-old Renny McGuire: a teenage girl whose seemingly ordinary life is nothing as it appears.


On the surface, Renny McGuire was just like any other high school student. She had big dreams to leave her small town behind after she graduated, and she was planning to leave for college as soon as possible. However, her careful plans go awry shortly before her 18th birthday. On a whim, she agrees to help her mother out by closing up her bookstore one night, and stumbles upon an ancient Celtic spellbook. In a strange turn of events, Renny inadvertently engages in a magical ritual beneath the Blood Moon, summoning a witch’s curse and opening up centuries of family secrets.

But this isn’t all. Two incredibly attractive strangers, Keegan Doyle and Tristan Byrne, mysteriously appear in Renny’s life. A fiery, confusing love triangle emerges, threatening Renny’s usual calm composure and rational mind. As Renny learns more about herself, her family, and the magic she has summoned through her ritual, she can barely keep up. Will she be able to sort through her strange new feelings, unravel her mysterious past, and put a stop to the curse on her life before it’s too late?


In the thrilling sequel to Faete, Renny McGuire continues to find out more about her family’s history and the dangerous secrets that have been hidden from her for the first 18 years of her life. However, the things she uncovers this time are even more sinister than the realizations she came to in the nights leading up to her 18th birthday. In an unexpected turn of events, Renny is plunged into a dark, perilous stage between her ordinary life and a strange world she was never meant to see.

In this complicated and terrifying mystery, Renny is unable to tell for certain what’s real and what’s an elaborate illusion. Will she be able to find her true friends and identify the real enemies before her life is altered forever?