The Kinklink Series: Erotic Romance by Tara Eldana

Award-winning writer Tara Eldana fell in love with reading romance novels when she was still in high school, but it took her over 2 decades to follow her passion and start writing love stories herself. After writing detailed articles about several criminal trials for a newspaper, she decided it was time for her to create her own stories that always had happy endings.

Eldana has published over a dozen erotic romance novels, including the popular trilogy called the Kinklink series. With bad-boy heartthrobs, compelling storylines, and plenty of steamy action, this series is a must read for erotic romance fans.

Taking the Lead (Book 1)

When Jessa’s mother passes away from cancer, the lonely news reporter decides to hire private investigators to help her find her biological father. The Boynton duo accepts her case, and the three become closer and closer as they work on Jessa’s case. The two alpha male brothers introduce Jessa to their darker fantasies, but the jealousy between the two intensifies. When Jessa realizes she can’t have both men, who will she choose?

Making the Switch (Book 2)

Dominatrix Kristin Meadows loves having control over the men who come to meet her at the club. Powerful, sexy, and flirtatious, Kristin is an expert at gaining her clients’ trust and loyalty through sexual play. However, when Kristin begins to really fall for one of the Boynton brothers, she questions if the relationship would ever work. An alpha male and a domme wouldn’t mix… right? When the two are inevitably drawn towards each other like magnets, the sexual attraction is immediate. To satisfy each other’s needs, they’ll need to experiment with switching roles; and they’re both willing to try new things.

Getting to Forever (Book 3)

When Mandy’s colleague ends up in jail, she’s utterly confused by his behavior. She thought David was trustworthy and kind, but there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface. Unbeknownst to Mandy, David’s attraction to her is growing, and he craves the opportunity to make her his sub. As David tries to revive his professional reputation, he continues to chase after Mandy, determined to win her over. Will he be able to regain her trust and get close to her once again, or will she keep her distance?


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