7 Hot Dragon Shifter Romance Novels

Are you getting bored of the plethora of supernatural novels featuring vampires and werewolves? Spice up your reading list with these exciting, unconventional romantic tales of shape-shifting dragons to understand why this up-and-coming romance subgenre is all the rage.

My Dragon Lord

“My Dragon Lord” is the debut novel of Alisa Woods’ Broken Souls series, in which the reader is introduced to Ember, a hot-headed reporter, and Niko, a dashing billionaire who lives in a hidden castle deep in the wilderness. When Ember is caught trying to gather sensitive information about Niko’s mysterious life, she soon finds herself locked in a dungeon, surrounded by dragons. Little does she know that she may be just what the dragon clan is searching for…

Draekon Desire: Exiled to the Prison Planet

Written by bestselling authors Lee Savino and Lili Zander, the 7-book “Draekon Desire” series is something that no romantic fanatic should overlook! This saga features over 1,000 pages of exciting romantic romps, featuring plenty of sci-fi elements and humor in every novel.

Professor Dragon’s Virgin

Brittany White’s 5th installment in her Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers series, “Professor Dragon’s Virgin,” begins when a dragon shifter professor is tasked with guarding and protecting a witch. However, things become more complicated when the dragon learns the witch’s mother was responsible for killing his family; will he be able to protect the witch related to a murderer, or will his anger get the best of him?

Soldier Dragon’s Second Chance

“Soldier Dragon’s Second Chance” is Brittany White’s 6th novel in her Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers series. This book focuses on two dragon shifters who both experienced tragic attacks from wizards, narrowly escaping when the rest of their loved ones perished. After years of loneliness and pretending to be human, their paths finally cross, but fate keeps pulling them apart. Will they overcome their pasts and join together, or will their fears force them apart forever?

Firefighter Dragon’s Demi-God Daughter

“Firefighter Dragon’s Demi-God Daughter” is Brittany White’s 8th book in her Irish Dragon Shifter Brothers series. This installment revolves around the life of Helena, a descendant of a demi-god, and her dragon shifter mate, who questions if he can trust Helena around the rest of his clan.

Alpha Dragon’s Nanny

Alicia Banks’ steamy novel, “Alpha Dragon’s Nanny,” begins with a young woman answering an ad in a local newspaper for an assistant position for a busy businessman. Little did she know that the handsome billionaire was a dragon shifter who had begun to fall in love with her, putting both of their lives in jeopardy.

Dragon Shield: Guardians of Chaos

International bestselling author C.D. Gorri’s book, “Dragon Shield: Guardian of Chaos,” is the 2nd installment in the Dragon Shield trilogy. When shape-shifting dragon Kingston gets to know a witch being held captive in his dragon’s keep, Kingston struggles to hide his romantic feelings for the trapped woman. Will he face his true emotions or seal away his heart for good?


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