The Mask Series: An Erotic Romance Saga

married sexual fantasies

Erotic romance author Anne Sherril firmly believes that the key to an exciting, sensual marriage is for couples to share their fantasies and desires with one another. Removing these metaphorical masks about their deepest desires allows couples to fall deeper in love and grow closer together, both sexually and emotionally. In Sherril’s four-part hot wife series, the author explores these themes while weaving a compelling story about the character Adele Walker and the secrets she has kept hidden from her adoring husband.

Under My Mask

For years, Adele Walker has maintained her sweet persona around her loving husband, but she has some dark hidden secrets about her own sexual desires and temptations. Adele is repeatedly tempted to deviate from her marriage with a friend that she can’t seem to keep herself away from. Will Adele be able to shed her mask for her husband and admit her mistakes? And if so, how will he react to his wife’s unexpected hidden persona?

Remove My Mask

In the second installation of The Mask Series, Adele is getting closer to revealing her inner self to her husband, but she instead decides to confide in her best friend first. Lisa, Adele’s confidant, is intrigued and excited by Adele’s secret life, and her own curiosity starts to drive a wedge between her and her own husband, Alberto. Author Anne Sherril dives deep into the minds of these two wives and makes the reader think about how far they’d be willing to go to satisfy their own desires.


The plot thickens in the explosive third book of Anne Sherril’s series as Adele’s secrets begin to impact the lives of the people around her. Lisa’s husband has grown suspicious of her and Lisa, and jealousy and revenge threaten the tenuous threads of their relationships. Each character feels the tension between what they desire and how they want to be perceived.


In this final book, Adele finally makes a decision between her long-lost lover and her husband. See how this final choice will change her life for good.

If you’d like to enjoy the entire series, visit The Mask Series to download all four books at once. Furthermore, stay tuned for upcoming stories from Anne Sherril, as she plans to release a 26-part short story series, featuring characters with names that begin with every letter of the alphabet.