Our Next Dance: Paranormal Romance

What do you get when you mix a young adult novel, a chilling paranormal tale, and a love story into a single book? If it’s from debut author Carrie Atkins, then the result is an enchanting and captivating novel that’s nearly impossible to put down. With complex characters, young love, and plenty of suspense, Atkins’ book is sure to appeal to anyone who loves YA novels, supernatural elements, or mysteries.

A Ghost Love Story

Atkins’ novel, Our Next Dance., introduces us to the character of Becca Cooper, a talented young ballet dancer from a small town in Minnesota. When the 17-year-old Becca starts to see visions of a mysterious ballerina named Cassandra, she begins to dig into the past to find out more about the beautiful dancer. Once she stumbles upon a long-abandoned diary about Cassandra, Becca immediately realizes that the dancer who continues tormenting her with visions was the victim of a horrific crime.

Becca and her crush, Caleb, start working together to get to the bottom of the tragic, unresolved case. Will they be able to turn back time in order to bring those responsible to justice? Or will Becca be plagued by visions of Cassandra’s haunting past forever?

Our Next Dance by Carrie Atkins – Book Trailer

About Carrie Atkins

Carrie Atkins was inspired by a true event to create this novel. When she and her soon-to-be husband attended a performance by the San Francisco Nutcracker Ballet, Atkins had a bizarre flashback that both haunted and intrigued her. Over the years, the memory stuck with her so vividly that she decided she had to write a book based around some of her own life experiences.

Atkins has traveled throughout the US, living in several different states with her husband, three daughters, and three cats. Atkins chose Minnesota as the setting for her debut novel because she has particularly fond memories of the area. Today, she lives in Reno, Nevada, and works as a registered nurse. You can feel free to connect with her or learn more about her fascinating life by visiting Atkins’ website here!


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