A Mouse for the Duke

Lord Declan Sheridan is content growing the family business. There’s no time for courting. He’s put all his energy, money and time into his custom furniture line. Declan is unprepared for the ultimatum given to him by his grandfather, the owner of Sheridan Furniture. Marry by Christmas or lose his inheritance! London Taylor works as a lady’s maid by day, while secretly playing the stock market. Becoming “the mouse” was necessary to get the job. Everyone warned her that Tessa Hubbard w... [Read More...]

A Promise for Christmas

A Promise, A Blizzard, and a Secret Wish. Aiylin Miller is content working for her father in his workshop and secretly composing her music, but the Lord has other plans. Sebastian Becker is visiting his mother for Christmas with his six-year-old daughter. He promised her a magical holiday, but he has no idea that the blizzard is blowing in more than snow. Six-year-old Tinley has a plan. With some help from her Grandmother and a magical lantern all her wishes are about to come true. $0.99 on Kin... [Read More...]

The Irish Flapper

he Irish Flapper, is a novel set in Manhattan during the exciting Roaring Twenties about a young Irish woman’s journey to America to fulfill her contrasting ambitions of wealth and artistic expression. Once in America she awakens to the stark difference between her dreams and the disillusioning reality of an immigrant’s life. It is her new friends, flamboyant cousin and her new found love that make life in the big city an unforgettable adventure. In America, it is her wildly flamboyant cous... [Read More...]

When Hearts Break

No one hears when a heart breaks. What starts off as childhood animosity between Alexandra Wright and William Taylor becomes something much different when the two meet on a chance encounter in London years later. Alexa is no longer his sister’s annoying little friend. She has become a beautiful, intelligent woman, one that William, son of an English lord, cannot ignore. On the cusp of love, they are torn apart by tragedy, greed, and deceit. Both Alexa and William must now face dangers that wi... [Read More...]