Free: Alcoholic Control: How to Stop Drinking & Change Your Life

Alcoholic Control: How to Stop Drinking & Change Your Life:

Ever wondered whether your drinking has become a problem? Maybe you used to have a drink to wind down on a Friday evening, but now you don’t stop until you’ve finished the bottle? Perhaps your weekends are increasingly unproductive because you’re—well, wasted?

Get help, before your relationships start to suffer.

Our easy guide will help you to understand how addiction works, find out whether you are addicted to alcohol, and adopt a healthier approach to drinking.

You will discover:

  • Traditional and cutting-edge ways to overcome alcohol addiction
  • Pharmacological and natural treatments
  • The role of therapists and other professionals
  • How you can help individuals addicted to alcohol
  • How to deal with those at risk of suicide because of alcohol addiction
  • The role of family and friends
  • How to determine whether you have an addiction
  • Mindfulness techniques to deal with pressure situations
  • How to avoid trigger situations
  • If you are addicted, why your addiction may have developed
  • The range of emotions associated with alcohol addiction
  • How to reduce the dominance of alcohol in your life
  • Why drinking is a habit that can be broken
  • Which organizations really help
  • How to avoid relapses
  • The differences and similarities between alcohol addiction and addiction to narcotics
  • How stress and anxiety respond to alcohol. Free on Kindle.

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