Sins of the Fatherland – Scott Jarvis Investigations (Book 6)

Sins of the Fatherland - Scott Jarvis Investigations, book 6

Something deadly has been hiding in the bowels of a sunken U-boat for over 75 years… something that if found by the wrong people could literally lay waste to an entire nation. And an old man’s secret is out and the hourglass is running down fast!

Audrey Lambert and her grandfather need Jarvis’ help and they need it fast. Henry Lambert, the last survivor of an ill-fated submarine training cruise just after the close of World War 2 is holding Pandora’s Box and the lid is already being pried open. It seems that Hitler isn’t quite done with the U.S. and the old man has a startling revelation that will thrust the young detective into the most dangerous and far-reaching case of his life. $3.99 on Kindle.
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