Verge of Corruption: Love’s Warrior Book Two

Verge of Corruption: Love’s Warrior Book Two

Tris and Zestine are strangers when they first meet. He’s the Light-blooded son of a deity, gifted with wings as well as telepathic and telekinetic abilities. She’s a feline beast who can turn into any cat, large or small, ferocious or tame, of her choosing.

Together they venture to Underworld on a spy mission. Some of Tris’s brethren have willingly traded their Light for the Darkness, and they must investigate how it’s occurring.

It won’t be easy. Not even a little bit. They’ll both endure atrocities that should lurk only in the blackest of nightmares.

But they’re not without a glimmer of hope, for even love can be found in the Darkness. And in their world, love is the ultimate secret weapon. $0.99 on Kindle.

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