Top 10 Sexiest Erotic Romance Novels Ever Written

If you’re on the hunt for hot and heavy erotic romance, these books are sure to take your breath away. Even the most avid erotica fan will blush when enjoying these exciting stories of unbridled passion, forgotten inhibitions, and hot sexual encounters. You may want to think twice before reading these steamy novels in public!

Monster in His Eyes by J.M. Darhower

The heroine of this novel, Karissa Reed, is a bright young college student who must maintain a high GPA in order to retain her academic scholarship. When her philosophy class threatens to be her downfall, Karissa meets the mysterious Ignazio Naz Vitale, a handsome, intelligent man who’s twice her age. From the moment the two meet, there’s an immediate spark, but Karissa has a persisting feeling that there’s something dark and sinister hidden behind his suave facade.

Priest by Sierra Simone

This book begins by introducing 29-year-old priest, Father Tyler Anselm Bell, chose to pursue a career in the church as a way to help others and make up for the sins of his youth. After 3 years faithfully serving a parish in a small town, Father Bell faces intense temptation when a woman named Poppy Danforth enters his confessional booth. She was searching for forgiveness and direction in her life, but she leaves the church longing to get closer to the forbidden priest. An intense, taboo relationship blossoms between the two as both of them struggle with faith, personal identity, and love.

Dirty Filthy Rich Men by Laurelin Paige

The debut novel of Paige’s Dirty Duet series is a highly erotic adventure that begins when heroine Sabrina is reunited with the moody, wealthy student she had been peers with at Harvard 10 years ago. The subject of her desire, Donavan Kincaid, quickly recaptures her attention and the two begin a wildly passionate affair. His possessiveness and domineering personality is immensely attractive, but it may also cause him to lose Sabrina once more.

Black Obsidian by Victoria White

This first book of the 4-part series by Victoria White introduces Rome and Calloway, a couple who got to know each other in a very unconventional manner. Rome mistook Calloway at a bar for someone else and slapped him in the face, but much to his surprise, Calloway enjoyed the woman’s ferocity and boldness. The two begin an unlikely relationship that starts off tentative and slow but will leave you ravenous for the next book in White’s series.

Release Me by J. Kenner

This book is the first of a 6-part saga about the relationship between the wealthy and gorgeous business executive Damien Stark and former pageant queen Nikki. When the two meet to arrange a professional deal, the mood quickly shifts from business-related matters to flirtation and sexual tension. Damien offers Nikki a new, provocative deal: he will give her $1 million if she poses for a nude painting for him and agrees to be completely his for one week. Nikki tentatively says yes, and their erotic romance begins to overtake her life.

Three Simple Rules by Nikki Sloane

Book one of The Blindfold Club saga begins when Evelyn finds herself short on cash and asks a friend for advice. Beside her flirtatious friend, Evelyn agrees to be an escort for one night, and she finds herself with a man who paid thousands of dollars just to be with her for a single night. However, when the night comes to an end, Evelyn doesn’t want the experience to stop. To continue this exciting new chapter in her life, she’ll have to stick to the three rules of the mysterious stranger she has fallen for.

The Siren by Tiffany Reisz

Reisz’s debut novel introduces us to the heroine, an erotic romance writer named Nora Sutherlin, and her controlling but tantalizingly sexy editor, Zachary Easton. Nora is working on her latest book, which is more personal and serious than her previous erotic novels, but her editor wants more control over how she tells the story. He gives Nora an ultimatum: he will manage her book if she rewrites the manuscript to his specific standards in just 6 weeks. During this time, the demanding editor and desperate author fall into a passionate and obsessive affair, consuming them both. Will Nora’s book ever be finished?

Deep Desires by Charlotte Stein

This novel details the budding sexual tension between shy voyeur Abbie and her flirtatious but emotionally-guarded neighbor, Ivan. The two slowly grow closer together as they both try to recover from their dark pasts, but as Abbie starts to open up to Ivan more, he starts to back away. In an attempt to strengthen their relationship and encourage Ivan to break out of his cold, detached persona, Abbie takes a step beyond her comfort zone and braces herself for the inevitable consequences.

Set by Alexandria House

This is the first novella of House’s Them Boys trilogy, and it’s a perfectly short, sweet, and enticing tale of a pair of reunited lovers who agree to be more than friends without committing to a serious relationship. Things start off hot and heavy, but both characters begin developing more than just sexual feelings toward one another. Will they be able to admit the truth to each other, or will their sexual desires continue to overtake all their other emotions?

Real by Katy Evans

Real is the explosive introduction to The REAL series, a 7-part saga that explores the ins and outs of sports therapist Brooke Dumas and sexy bad-boy fighter Remington Tate. When Brooke is hired to help Tate retain his excellent physical condition, the lust between the two is almost tangible. They both feel drawn to one another by intense attraction, but when a dark secret about Tate is revealed, Brooke is left wondering if the entire relationship had been nothing more than an illusion.


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