Top Western Romance Novels of 2020

There’s something inherently romantic about the idea of the Wild West. The dramatic landscapes combined with the excitement of adventure create the perfect backdrop for a thrilling love story. Here are 6 titles that feature all the things you love most about Westerns, along with all the warm feelings you’d expect from your favorite romance novel.

Where the Lost Wander

This outstanding novel by bestselling author Amy Harmon takes place in 1853 on the famous Oregon Trail. Young protagonist Naomi May is excited to begin a new life with her family in the west, but she wasn’t prepared for the difficult circumstances she and her fellow travelers would face on the wagon train. Just as Naomi established a close friendship with a kind half-Pawnee man named John Lowry, tragedy strikes her family. Naomi must decide what is most important to her: her family, the promise of a new life, or her love towards John Lowry.

McCabe’s Luck: The Feud Goes On

This historical Western romance novel by Patrick Lindsay tells the story of Civil War veteran, Jake McCabe, who has a troubled past and is looking for a fresh start in the state of Texas. After moving from his home in Kentucky to a town in central Texas, McCabe becomes entranced with his neighbor, a gorgeous woman who lives next door to his new ranch. However, the troubles that McCabe left in Kentucky had a habit of creeping up on him, and he needs to learn how to fight for what—and who—he truly cares about.


This debut novel in the Springwater Seasons series introduces the reader to Evangeline Keating, a woman who moves to the new Montana territory with her young daughter soon after her husband tragically passed away. Believing that marrying a stranger from Montana is her only option, Evangeline arrives at Springwater Station to wait for her unknown fiance to bring her home. However, the man who arrives at the station is not her betrothed…and he’s already married. Nonetheless, the two instantly connect with one another and start a passionate love affair that neither of them want to stop.

Wyandotte Bound

Wyandotte Bound by George Arnold has nothing but 5-star ratings for a reason–it’s phenomenally well-written. Some are bound to the town of Wayndotte in hopes of a better future. Some are bound by deep family roots and ranching land. Some are bound because the people they fell in love make them feel chained to the forsaken place. Dear reader you will be bound simply by this spell binding story.

A Light in the Wilderness

This novel follows the lives of three women as they try to navigate the tumultuous life of the American West. Letitia was recently freed from slavery and is hoping to move out west with an Irish settler. Nany Hawkins is so in love with her husband that she bravely boards a wagon train heading west so he can start the new life he so desperately wants. Betsy, a Kalapuya Indian, is the last member of her tribe in the Oregon territory, aside from her young grandson. Readers will get to see the complex lives of these women unfurl as they navigate love, adventure, and independence throughout their journey.

Where the Wind Blows

The debut novel of Fyffe’s Prairie Hearts series begins when Chase Logan, a content single man, is confused for Jessica Strong’s husband when the woman tries to adopt a little girl from an orphanage. Jessica pleads for him to pretend to be her husband, just for a few days, until the adoption is finalized. Chase obliges, at first out of chivalry, but he soon finds himself falling more in love with the kind and fiercely independent Jessica. Perhaps this fake marriage will end up lasting longer than either of them expected…

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