Top 10 Romance Books of 2020

Whether you’re into sweet love stories that remind you of your favorite childhood fairy tales or passionate romance novels that you can’t seem to put down, there has certainly been a romance book released this year that’s guaranteed to be your perfect match. We’ve narrowed down 10 of the best books of the genre published in 2020 to help you discover your next favorite read, written by debut authors and experienced authors alike. So, settle in with a hot cup of tea and add these titles to your TBR list!

Ties That Tether

This romance novel by Jane Igharo tells the complex story of a Nigerian woman who, before moving to Canada, promised her family that she would marry a Nigerian man to remain connected with her culture. However, when the woman falls in love with a white man, she has to determine if her own heart or her family ties should come first.

If I Never Met You

After a decade-long relationship suddenly comes to an end, Laurie decides to show her ex that she has already moved on by hatching a plan with a handsome coworker. The two begin a fake relationship, complete with sharing cute couple photos on social media and making others believe they’re a picture-perfect couple. Everything is going great until Laurie starts to actually fall in love with her fake boyfriend…

Well Played

Stacey gets a wake up call when her two best friends announce their engagement, and she vows to find her own husband-to-be by the following summer. Her unique fairy tale begins when she gets a heartfelt message and she believes it came from someone she works with at the annual Renaissance Faire in the small town of Willow Creek. But when the two agree to meet face-to-face, she realizes she’s been slowly falling in love with a stranger.


After a woman is unceremoniously fired from her job of 9 years, she writes a heated message to the billionaire CEO of the company. After ranting that it wasn’t fair for her to be terminated for something inappropriate she did on vacation that was unfortunately captured on video, she sends off the message. But she never expected the powerful, successful, and very attractive boss to actually read the letter, let alone write her back.

Party of Two

When Olivia moves to LA to launch her own law firm, she isn’t looking for a relationship, and neither is junior senator Max Powell. However, the two instantly hit it off and have a long conversation with each other in a bar one night, and they excitedly agree to start dating. But Olivia’s connection to Max could hinder her reputation as a lawyer, and Max has to leave every other week to fly to Washington, D.C. Will their professional lives or love lives come first?

The Trouble with Hating You

When Liya’s parents try to set her up with Jay, she refuses, as she’s perfectly happy being single and working as a highly successful biochemical engineer. However, when Jay is appointed the lawyer for her company, it becomes more difficult to ignore him…and despite her wishes to rebel against her parents, she can’t help but to start falling for him.


The Honey-Don’t List

Picture-perfect celebrity couple Melissa and Rusty Tripp are stellar home design gurus, and the entire country adores their romantic relationship. The problem is that, once the cameras stop rolling, the two cannot stand each other. Assistant Carey Duncan and structural engineer James McCaan attempt to keep the couple’s relationship from completely falling apart while also trying to hide their own growing affection for each other.

Blood & Honey

This is the second book in Mahurin’s Serpent & Dove trilogy, and it continues the passionate, intense story that’s full of dark magic, witches, and other elements fantasy lovers will adore. The fireworks between fugitives Lou and Reid are still exploding as they try to find allies to help them in their cause, but Lou falls deeper and deeper into dark magic that she may not be able to undo. In this dangerous and unstable world, Reid vows to stay by Lou’s side, even if it costs him his own life.

Mr. Malcolm’s List

Mr. Jeremy Malcolm thinks that no woman could ever meet the high standards he has for his ideal bride until he meets the lovely and intelligent Selina. However, Selina is actually in Mr. Malcolm’s town to assist in a revenge plot against him. Both characters have a lot to learn about one another.

The Tourist Attraction

After spending just a few weeks in the small Alaskan town, Zoey Caldwell falls in love with Moose Springs, the locals, and the beautiful mountain ranges. Grumpy diner owner Graham Barnett usually vows not to date tourists, but there’s something different about Zoey. After Zoey reaches out to Graham in kindness, he realizes that perhaps his life in Moose Springs would be perfect if he could convince Zoey to stay.

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