10 Must-Read Romantic Comedy Novels

Romantic comedy novels are often hilarious, frequently relatable, and usual feature awkward heroines and less-than-perfect suitors on their quests to find true love. If you haven’t read a rom-com novel before, or just want a new one to read, then these 10 highly-rated titles just might be the perfect match for you.

No More Horrible Dates

This funny novel explores the beloved “enemies to lovers” trope between a 25-year-old woman and a “wild rugby boy,” who she swears she will never fall for. Bestselling author Kate O-Keefe won a medal for this title at the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards of 2020!


The Plan

The cool, calm, and collected Amelia Frothingham is secretly a control freak beneath her chill demeanor, but she can’t help but become intrigued when an unpredictable “bad boy” ventures through her small Missouri town. Although she usually isn’t one to be spontaneous, something about this LA-bound rockstar is making her want to take a chance on love once again in this clever rom-com.


Red, White & Royal Blue

This unexpected love story was an immediate New York Times and USA Today bestseller, and earned a Goodreads Choice Award for Best Debut of 2019. When the US president’s son falls in love with the prince of Wales, a secret romance blossoms between the two young men, potentially threatening the diplomatic actions of their parents. Can love really conquer the deeper troubles between the nations?


Beach Read

When a romance writer and a novelist both end up struggling with writer’s block, they end up heading to the same beach to take some time off to clear their heads and find inspiration. Living just a few beach homes away from each other, they strike a deal to help one another with their projects. Needless to say, the resulting relationship sparks more than just inspiration.


Fix Her Up

Home renovator Georgette Castle is ready for people to start taking her seriously in her small town, and she figures there’s no better way to show that she’s grown up than by hatching a plan with her brother’s best friend. The two decide to pretend to date each other to give the town something else to talk about besides their past, and hilarity and heart-warming feelings ensue.


The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

The Washington Post describes the sweet protagonist of this novel as “a modern-day Elizabeth Bennet,” a woman content with her cat, trivia team, and job at a bookstore. When the father she never met unexpectedly passes away, her life quickly becomes turbulent as she realizes she’ll have to come out of her shell to connect with family and some very charming new friends.


Sorry Not Sorry

Sweet and innocent Charlotte is getting tired of spending nights alone, so when she hears a podcast entitled “Sorry Not Sorry,” which encourages women to embrace their “bad girl” persona, she decides to give the advice a chance. Hilarity ensues as Charlotte finds herself going on blind dates, buying risque lingerie, and venturing beyond her comfort zone in an effort to find love and romance.


The Worst Best Man

After Caroline Santos is left at the altar by her ex-fiance, her life finally begins to turn around when she’s offered the chance to deliver a presentation that could completely change her professional life. However, the catch is that she needs to work with her ex-fiance’s marketing expert brother, which creates some major tension and awkwardness between the two of them. As they try to overcome their differences and collaborate on the project, they begin to find that they might have more in common than they initially thought.


Surprise Me

After 10 years of marriage, Sylvie and Dan are still blissfully in love, have great jobs, and beautiful twin girls. However, the two decide to spice up their relationship with Project Surprise Me, some shocking truths and scandals emerge that cause the two to wonder how much they truly know about each other. The humorous yet emotionally raw story will make it nearly impossible to put this book down!


My Favorite Half-Night Stand

Professor and serial killer expert Millie Morris has never been good in the dating scene, so when her four best friends urge her to join a dating site, she grudgingly agrees. However, when her fake online persona matches with one of her best guy friends, Millie begins a digital pen pal relationship with him. After the conversations turn deep and engaging, she knows she’ll eventually have to come to terms with intimacy or risk losing her best friend.

If you’ve been hesitant to read romance novels because you think it might sappy, formulaic or overtly erotic, you’ll be in for a delight treat when you open the pages of one of these romantic comedies. For more romance novel recommendations, check out JustKindleBooks to find free titles you can download directly from the Kindle store!


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