Buying Romance Novels by the Lot

If you’re a voracious reader of romance novels you might want to buy them in bulk on eBay. Currently, eBay has over 28,000 romance book lots listed. The amount of books and the price can vary depending on the popularity of the novels and the date of publication, but it isn’t uncommon to find collections of 10 books between $11 and $20. A single lot may include anywhere from 5 books to 30 books, or the listing may instead refer to the lot by the total weight of the novels (5 lbs is most common).

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Quality of Book Lots

The quality of these lots depends on the seller, but the majority of the books offered are in good used condition, like new, or brand-new. If you want to make sure you don’t receive any badly weathered novels, you can filter the results by condition to only purchase the very best. After you enjoy the books yourself, you can then decide if you’d like to keep a few, donate them to a library, gift them to friends, or resell them.

Sample of Current Book Lots

Here are examples of romance book lots for sale on eBay.

“Heartsong Presents” Novels: Lot of 6

For $7.25, readers can purchase these 6 brand-new inspirational historical romance novels by various “Heartsong Presents” authors.

Hardcover Danielle Steel Novels: Lot of 6

These 6 contemporary romance novels have been pre-owned, but are still in excellent condition. You can snag this lot for just $7.

Paranormal Romance Novels: Lot of 12

This collection features pre-owned books in good condition from a variety of paranormal romance authors. The current bid for this lot is just $6.95.

Silhouette Romantic Suspense Novels: Lot of 18

These 18 paperback books are in like-new condition and are currently listed at $20.

Shipping Bulk Books

When it comes to the timeliness and price of shipping, it really varies on the individual sellers. Before purchasing a book lot, check out the reviews of the seller to see if they’re known to ship orders quickly and provide high-quality items. Additionally, although some sellers on eBay offer free shipping, this isn’t a guarantee. The average shipping fee is about $4.99. If you really don’t want to pay an additional shipping fee, you can sort your search by sellers who provide free shipping.

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