The Downline

The Downline

Mika Jenson, struggling single mom and hopeful #bossbabe working her multi-level-marketing business, is in awe of her closest friend and fellow sales rep Bree Kendell. Bree has it all: a thriving downline and business, a gorgeous husband who dotes on her, a big custom-built house in a gated community, and a closet full of designer shoes. On the surface, Bree looks perfect—rising from success to success all while being effortlessly flawless. It’s only on a closer look that the frayed edges start to come into focus…on an ordinary Tuesday, when Bree disappears. Left with few leads and little hope, Mika soon finds herself torn between shoring up an increasingly foundering personal business and sorting out a confusing tangle of facts trying to figure out what happened to Bree. The illusion of success and wealth in their multi-level marketing scheme unravels more and more with each tug on the threads that tie Mika and Bree together. And as Mika digs deeper into Bree’s life, she uncovers dark secrets and darker misdeeds—some so dangerous that someone might kill to keep them buried. The ladder of success in multi-level-marketing only goes in one direction—up to the top. But sometimes it’s the Downline you have to keep your eye on. $6.99 on Kindle.

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