Feminist Revenge

Feminist Revenge

Feminist Revenge trilogy is a work of erotica fiction by Linda Corby, its one hundred beta testers said it was the one book that would turn on the most frigid of people and refused point blank to give their copies back, some of them used them as a sex aid keeping them under their pillows at nighttimes.

Based on the exploits of a sexy hit woman called Zaneen Dean and those she comes into contact with, Feminist Revenge will take you into an addictive world of gory murder, abundant sex & violence, then even into the mystical realm of the supernatural.
Zaneen is a strong independent woman of substance with her own set of morals and ethics, who in reality loves men and believes them to be great fun to play with; she does not hate men or at least not the men that she considers to be real men.
Zaneen has many lusty sexual exploits, deep down she only feels real love for one man though, the man she had but lost but longs to be held in the arms of again, it is Paul she dreams of when making love to others and who she sees when she closes her eyes, but if true love returns to Zaneen or not remains to be seen within the pages of the book.

During Zaneens exploits she comes into contact with and becomes friends with many fascinating individuals, some good some rotten to the core, but mostly with a high sex drive and very little inhabitations.

Sex, power and a complex web of deceit all surround Zaneen at some point in time, but as she weaves her way through life she has one constant, her trusted and loyal companion, who she loves more than life itself, her beautiful Border Collie bitch Tarbra who is faithful to a fault.

Shocking but bizarrely appealing this book is
un-put-down able, you will need a very strong stomach and a very open mind to read this one. $7.10 on Kindle.
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