Free: Brumby’s Run

How do you choose between a long-lost sister and the man who’s stolen your heart? Set among the hauntingly beautiful ghost gums and wild horses of the high country, Brumby’s Run is a heartfelt, romantic novel about families and secrets, love and envy, and most especially the bonds of sisterhood. Samantha Carmichael’s world is turned on its head when she learns that she’s adopted – and that she has a twin sister, Charlie, who is critically ill. While Charlie recovers in hospital, Sam o... [Read More...]


Every Thursday evening Glenn Braxton invites five of his friends over for weed, laughter, and John Madden football. His wife Diana is a nurse who works nights, therefore, his tournaments were never a bother until the mistress of one of his friends made an unannounced visit. Glenn is forced to confess to his wife that all of his friends are adulterers and it’s then that Diana confronts her husband with a life-changing question: If all of your friends have mistresses, do you also have a mistres... [Read More...]

Molly’s Choice

When an injury puts paid to Flynn Black’s professional fighting career, he retreats to his home town to lick his wounds. Angry and bitter at the loss of the only thing he’s ever known, he withdraws from the world, becoming as cold and aloof as the Colorado mountains that surround his home. But when he discovers the one thing that he wants more than fighting, he knows he’s going to have to make some changes – and he’s going to need help. No one is more surprised tha... [Read More...]

After The Show

Jack Corey is still a rock star at fifty. With a killer smile and personality to match, he’s magic on stage. As Paige Baxter watches him perform, she’s drawn in like every other woman. A chance meeting brings this unlikely couple together for a night. He’s got a crazy life on the road, she’s got a comfortable life as a teacher. Certainly, this ends here – not if Jack has anything to do with it. Rooted in every young girl’s fantasy, After The Show carries readers along on a ride ... [Read More...]

Reckless Scotland: A Scottish Medieval Romance Bundle

Enjoy An exciting Medieval Highlander boxed set by three of Dragonblade Publishings Internationally bestselling authors for a limited time. Reckless lovers, passionate Highlanders, and men who dare to forge kingdoms come together in this fabulous collection of romantic tales. This set includes: Virtue by Victoria Vane – Abandoned as a young child, Alexander serves two masters…and a woman who doesn’t know her own heart. Together, they will forge the future of a kingdom. Valor by Victor... [Read More...]

Off Her Game

The two unlikeliest-to-date people—the hardcore tattooed eGamer and the CEO—must sell the farce they’re falling in love. What neither expects is an explosive chemistry that’s more than convincing—it’s sizzling. Falling for each other is the most dangerous thing they could do. ... [Read More...]

The Right Guy

She’s in hot pursuit of The One, he’s in hot pursuit of her. Can she see what’s been in front of her all this time? When city girl Taylor Jennings reluctantly visits a psychic one sunny San Francisco morning, she gets a whole lot more than she bargains for–like a prediction she will “lock eyes” with The One within the next two weeks. So, when she looks up into a pair of green eyes belonging to her best friend’s big brother, Taylor’s running scared... [Read More...]

Good Luck Charm: A Single Mother Romance

All I need is for this woman to bend to my will. But she ain’t having it. My big chance is here, and I can see more zeroes at the end of my paycheck than ever before. I’m after a contract for storefront property in Texas, and there is one single mom shop owner that won’t sell. So they send in the big guns. Me. And yet, my silver tongue isn’t working. My luck has officially dried up. Or has it? I’m a player at heart, and this is one game I’m willing to go all out on to win. This girl ... [Read More...]