Free: Billionaires in Disguise – The Wulf and Rae Complete Series

One wild party and a quickie with a stranger will change Rae’s life forever. Small-town girl Rae loses her college scholarship, so some friends introduce her to their boss, who owns a BDSM club. Will the secretive Wulf turn out to be her Prince Charming or the Devil who tempts her to ruin? ... [Read More...]

The Perfect First

Persephone Alexander. Math genius. Lover of blazers. The only girl I know who can make Heidi braids look sexy as hell. And she’s on a mission. Lose her virginity by the end of the semester. I walked in on her interview session for potential candidates (who even does that?) and saw straight through her brave front. She’s got a list of Firsts to accomplish like she’s only got months to live. I’ve decided to be her guide for all her firsts except one. Someone’s got to keep her out of tro... [Read More...]

One True Mate Series Bundle (Books 1-4)

This is a story about “shiften” in a world called the Ula, which is our world, but with four secrets: the wolven, bearen, felen, and foxen. Humans do not know these shifters exist, even though these same humans are constantly guarded by an all-wolf-shifter police department. Their females are gone, but the One True Mate Prophecy matures now. ... [Read More...]

Free: Peek a Boo!

Peek the adorable puppy is back, and it’s her first Halloween! Greta and Peter are nearly ready to go to their town’s Halloween carnival when Greta has a sudden realization: Peek doesn’t have a costume! After several attempts to dress her up, the kids finally figure out that Peek wants to be a friendly ghost! At the carnival, Peek’s day takes an unexpected turn when she meets a lost boy named Henry, who has been separated from his parents amidst the bustling crowds. Henry, who is afraid... [Read More...]

Free: That Last Summer

Summer on Whispering Pines Island could bring happiness and second chances…if Cara were ready. But her abusive ex-fiancé still haunts her dreams, and the one man she’s interested in keeps running away. Finding new love takes time. Will one summer be long enough? If you like journeys of healing, tender-but-true romance, and beautifully-flawed characters, then you’ll love this first book in the Whispering Pines Island series. Free on Kindle ... [Read More...]

When Hearts Break

No one hears when a heart breaks. What starts off as childhood animosity between Alexandra Wright and William Taylor becomes something much different when the two meet on a chance encounter in London years later. Alexa is no longer his sister’s annoying little friend. She has become a beautiful, intelligent woman, one that William, son of an English lord, cannot ignore. On the cusp of love, they are torn apart by tragedy, greed, and deceit. Both Alexa and William must now face dangers that wi... [Read More...]