Free: Kiss Hide Bite: A Vampire Romantic Thriller

Kiss Hide Bite: A Vampire Romantic Thriller
Marissa Cooper believes in love. She just doesn’t think it’s meant for her. Former barista turned coffee shop owner, the effortlessly beautiful entrepreneur has had her heart broken many times before. Now she is focused on her café and nothing else.

Marissa’s whole world comes crashing down one night when she witnesses a murder in her parking lot. The attack brings a swarm of vampires after her, and it also brings Nicholas Hayes into her life.

From the first moment, the attraction between the tall, blue-eyed police consultant and the blond behind the coffee machine crosses all lines of professionalism. And their unavoidable proximity makes the heat unbearable for them both.

Paranormal consultant Nicholas Hayes has to solve this strange case; it is what he does for the police, and he has to solve it fast before the killer vampire could get his hands on Marissa.

As for Marissa, it is her heart that is under attack. The insistent assault of the police consultant’s touches and the magnetic pull of his arms are threatening to break down her barriers and put her under the mercy of his hypnotic blue eyes. Eventually, she has to decide whether she will give love one more chance. And most importantly, she has to survive. Free on Kindle.

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