Free: Driving Under Pressure

Driving Under Pressure
26-year-old Diane is a city girl transferred to a countryside branch of her company. The rural setting means no more subway, no more buses, and no more taxis. Getting her own car should be easy, but when she can’t take her eyes off the driving instructor, she fails with flying colors.

25-year-old Hugh is a born-and-bred country boy who sighs with relief when the gorgeous creature beside him fails her driver’s test. His offer of free driving lessons may start on the road, but they soon end in more compromising positions. Hugh may be falling for her, but Diane is too big for such a small town.

When Diane shifts their relationship into reverse, will Hugh let her drive away?

Spoiler Alert! With steamy scenes behind the wheel and under the sheets, this Sweet, Sexy Short is sure to get your engine revving. Free on Kindle.
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