Love and Money, 2020

Love and Money, 2020
Love and Money, 2020 utilizes the date of your birth to determine which days are your personal best days best for romance, money, travel, business, and fun.

What are your Luckiest Days of 2020? What are your Unluckiest Days of 2020?

What day should you have your wedding? Or plan for a sexy date? What dates are the best days to meet someone new? What dates are best for romance in 2020?

What day should you play the Lottery or gamble in some other fashion? Which days are the Luckiest Day of the entire year to play the Lottery? Do you want to know what days you should play and what days you should save your money and don’t play? I won $30, 204.05 on my Lucky Day and I firmly believe that you can at least do as well as that, if not better.

Would you like to know specifically what colors are Lucky just for you? Did you know that every day of the week and every month has a Lucky Color associated with it? Do you want to know what color should you wear on Monday to manifest some money into your life? All of that is included in this eBook.

Did you know that the date you were born is indicative of your hidden talents? Did you know that if you were born on the Twenty Eighth of the month, you are a gifted leader? What does the day of the month that you were born say about you? I have included descriptions for all Thirty-One birthdates.

This book offers all of that and more. I have also calculated everyone’s Lucky Days and Challenging Days for every month of the coming year.

Use the guide to help you determine which days are going to be your Luckiest Days each month. You will also find out which days are your most Challenging for every month. Also included is your Luckiest and Unluckiest Days of the entire year. Don’t you want to know which days are going to be best for you? $0.99 on Kindle.
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