Precious Silver Chopsticks

Precious Silver Chopsticks
Mae Adams was born in 1933 as the useless second daughter in the Korean aristocratic family. Abandoned by her mother, her grandparents raised her in the mountain village where the family retreated when the Japanese invaded Korea in 1910 and began to eliminate all Korean royal lines.

On Mae’s first birthday, Grandma gave her a pair of silver chopsticks as a symbol of her love and to protect her life from poison. The silver turned its color upon contact with poison in food.

In 1945, the family escaped from the Communist regime to South Korea at the loss of Grandma and within five years, they survived the harrowing Korean War. Mae became the breadwinner of her family and dreamed of a college education in America. She met the man of her dreams but left him to pursue her education. Described throughout the book is Mae’s journey with her Precious Silver Chopsticks to her destination. $2.99 on Kindle.

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