Free: Game of Throws: A Time of Lice and Mire

Game of Throws: A Time of Lice and Mire
TyreIron Bannister is a dwarf. Grumpy, gluttonous, degenerate, much abused and little loved.

Much to his dismay, King Bobert Babbleon is traveling to visit his great friend Dead Stick, Warden of the Norf, and is taking TyreIron away from the comforts of court and into the cold Norf. What they find there will plunge TyreIron into a web of stupidity, mistakes and deceit that will require an unlikely ally and extreme luck to escape from.

WetWipers, TarryWagons, Sticks and Bannisters all collide in this homage to, and parody of, the wonderful Game of Thrones series.

A must for anyone desperately waiting for the conclusion to that series of books or unhappy with the ending to that TV series. Free on Kindle.

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