Taking Control: When Desire Meets Submission

Taking control: when desire meets submission

Ava was bright, beautiful and sexy, a shy and nervous student when she met Lorenzo, on their first day at college. He was dark, confident and suave, a young man who knew exactly what he wanted from her, and with a devious plan on how to get it. Ava and Lorenzo were destined to experiment on each other’s bodies in ways only a true master and slave could really understand.

Neither of them knew the sexual experiences they had with each other of bondage, humiliation, dominance and sexual torture would play an essential part in forming their future together. Experiences destined to change their entire lives ahead of them, forever.

As they launched their careers, becoming pillars of the financial establishment, a shocking shift in the rules of their master and slave pact would almost bring Ava’s world crashing down on her. Everything changed when Lorenzo proposed marriage, under the strict condition that Ava make a permanent choice about becoming his slave. Should she give in and submit to his masterful will and sexual desires, at any time, and in any place he wished?

In the end, Ava was stronger than even she suspected. But it was only the two of them together that could decide what their ultimate sexual limits would be, and who would end up taking control.

This dark contemporary thriller is an adult themed erotic romance with highly explicit sexual content and graphic BDSM. It contains intense scenes of dominant and submissive role-play sex, fetish sex, bondage, mild sexual torture and much, much more. For readers over the age of 18 only. Be warned! $2.99 on Kindle.

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