Free: Finn Jones and the Scourge of Darkness

Finn Jones and the Scourge of Darkness
What if the only thing separating us from a dangerous world, where mankind must wage a desperate fight against dragons, manticores, and trolls, were only a thin veil? Where magic could mean salvation, but the knowledge of it has been lost during endless wars?

Would YOU be brave enough to jump through that veil?

Finn has no choice. He used to be an average boy with average day-to-day problems, but when he gets mugged and beat down his life changes forever. Without warning, Finn suddenly develops mental powers otherwise only seen in comic book heroes. But as soon as he gets used to them, he becomes the focus of a shady lady, whom then abducts him to a mysterious island. There, his special powers are being researched on behalf of a ruthless billionaire.

Any attempt at escape seems futile, but eventually Finn and his newfound friends discover a way out which seems simultaneously fantastical and terrifying: With the help of Finn’s special powers, a quirky scientist manages to open a portal to another world. If the friends want to save their own lives, that is the only way out. They flee through the portal, only to end up in a magical world full of dangerous creatures. Just as they are about to be torn to shreds by manticores, they are being rescued by the crew of an imposing airship. Alas, Finn’s last-minute rescue is only the beginning of his turbulent adventure.

What is going on with the white dragon, biding its time in shackles in the belly of the airship? Why are the manticores behaving so unusual? Why does Finn’s power vanish, when all his friends are developing new magical powers? Is there a way back into their own world? Free on Kindle.

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