Shockwave, Battle for Earth

Shockwave, Battle for Earth

Earth has been invaded by alien forces with overwhelming technological superiority. But we are an unusual people, practiced in the art of war, holding a few tech advantages of our own. Shockwave is a fitting name for the elite special forces team that is our best hope to overcome the invaders and the dark powers that stand behind them.

Battle for Earth is an imaginative mix of Sci-fi and Fantasy with plenty of action. There are times when an exploit meant for evil can also have a good outcome. Humanity was on the road to self-destruction, a course that was reversed by the invasion. The horrible invaders destroyed a military defense lab only to face the unintended consequence of Shockwave.

Join the team on the exciting but twisting road that leads to interstellar war. Quantum physics comes of age in this epic adventure series that starts on Earth but ends up in the farthest reaches of the universe and beyond. You’re certain to smile. You may shed some tears. Let’s hope it all turns out well in the end.

Meet the team. Viz and Para are the sister heroes of the invasion. Rock and Roll are twin brothers you definitely want on your side. Mr. T is the mostly mature leader of the bunch. There’s Muncle, one very smart monkey. And Communal is the artificial intelligence who always keeps a data nod on the team. $0.99 on Kindle.
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