The Noise of Silence

The Noise of Silence
“The Noise of Silence” is the English version of the debut novel of Danish author Nicholas Nørgaard that hit the shelfs in Denmark in the fall of 2017.

The story is a two parted tale, that follows the ups and downs of Sebastian and his sister Sabine, who grow up in a broken home with a father missing and a mother drinking, and their journey to find out who they are – or at least who they are not.

The second part of the story follows Natasja, who is fighting with the loss of her parents, the fight for finding her place in the world, and finding her sexuality. You will read about betrayal, love, hate, friendship, abuse, desperation, fear, killing and loss in a drama that made a name for itself by yelling for deaf ears.

The book was acclaimed for its storyline, the development of the characters and the willingness to take risks and tell a story about betrayal, abuse and finding yourself in a world full of hurt and lack of love.

The book is based on real life events. “This book lights a spark in a dark, secret and dysfunctional room. In this room, parents who don’t like their children live, where abuse is part of the everyday, where stepparents touch their stepchildren, where women are taken hostage by sociopathic men… Where destruction is always close. The Noise of Silence is a fitting title, but the book screams so much” – FIVE STARS. $2.99 on Kindle

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