Anxious for Answers

Anxious for Answers: The surprising truth about anxiety, and how you can master it for good!
MYTH: Anxiety is a “disorder”– some “dysfunction” within just YOU.
FACT: Anxiety is a complex, largely misunderstood and interconnected phenomenon (i.e., you’re one small part).

Anxiety is a serious challenge for many—perhaps you. But, sadly, the misconceptions about anxiety, i.e., it’s a “sickness” within an individual — only exacerbates a tough ongoing challenge for those who wrestle with it.

But, a refreshing new understanding of anxiety offers the possibility of profound and positive changes for those willing to invest the time.
“Anxious for Answers”, by psychotherapist “Dr. Ilene” S. Cohen, focuses on chronic anxiety (i.e., when you’re constantly anxious for no obvious reason). Cohen’s years of clinical practice with countless people revealed the importance of putting anxiety in its context. When you see anxiety as a “disorder,” it’s out of context. It’s something within just you that needs to be fixed. When you see anxiety in context, you realize it’s the result of interconnected forces, of which the individual is only one small part. The best news?

YOU can actually make real changes in the duration and intensity of your anxiety.

“Anxious for Answers” is grounded in Bowen Family Systems Theory, which, when internalized, allows people to view their anxiety through a different lens, and in turn, master it. Cohen’s witnessed firsthand the many possibilities this “radical” approach offers:
• Learn to “self-soothe”— finding the serenity within you.
• Preserve your inner calm in the face of life’s chaos.
• Lead a less anxious, more conscious and more intentional life.
• Build better relationships and make better life decisions.
• Train yourself to stop reacting to old childhood “programming.”$5.99 on Kindle.

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