Free: My Paris Partner

My Paris Partner

A romantic holiday in the city of lights.

Emma is a young woman vacationing in Paris by herself, mostly wanting to overcome the man who left her and broke her heart. At the airport she meets a lovely man with a pleasant smile who asks for her phone number.

Jason is on his way to Paris, where he used to walk the streets by himself. But at the airport he meets a special woman and decides to ask for her phone number.

Through the streets of Paris, Emma and Jason will get to know each other, walk the alleys together without thinking about the future, refusing to talk about their past, drifting into new feelings and passions. But can they leave everything behind?

“Stop with these thoughts. You’re here in a romantic movie. You wanted a movie and got it, thank him for the production and the directing and the acting and the fun. Life is reality and not a vacation in Paris…”

Can we overcome the reality of life and fall in love within a few days in Paris?

Now it’s time for Emma to make her decision, will she keep on strolling by herself through Paris’ alleys and cafés or choose Jason and build together their new future? Free on Kindle.

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