Change My Mind

Change My Mind
The Santas are striking, and it’s costing me my job.
Good thing I’m marketable, even to the wrong guy.
My best friend’s twin from high school is in need of someone with my talents to pull off the big opening at his ski resort in Vail.
The handsome playboy with more one-night stands than the local motel happens to be my childhood sweetheart.
In his mind, I’m the one that got away. Right, buddy.
If I recall it right, it was him that ran like his ass was on fire while I nursed a broken heart.
He’s looking for a Christmas miracle to make his billion-dollar investment shine like the top of a tree, and he’s staring right at me.
A job is a job though, and I’m determined to show up and show off on this one.
But if he’s looking for love of any sort where I’m concerned, he’s off his rocker.
No amount of mistletoe and eggnog is going to sway my resolve to keep this office arrangement as nothing more than friends.
Unfortunately for me, this wicked hot, filthy rich lost love of mine has other plans.
He’s gonna try and change my mind. $0.99 on Kindle

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