Standing Toe to Toe

Standing Toe to Toe

She’s the devil.
I mean it, and I would know, because I’ve worked with her for almost a decade.
In those ten years, I’ve seen her for what she is: a cutthroat, take no prisoners, have no mercy businesswoman whose goal is to take what is rightfully mine.
I should teach her a lesson or two about going up against the best. Me.
We’re both vying to make partner at our agency but only one of us will come out on top. I just need to keep my head out of the gutter with this one.
It’s hard as hell. Use your imagination.
After being forced to work together, I’m surprised to learn that this beautiful vixen doesn’t “do” Christmas.
So I strike up a plan.
If I can give her a bit of holiday spirit, I might just be able to soften her edge and make her a less threatening adversary.
All is fair in love and war—and business. Right?
Unfortunately, the plan backfired. My enemy is quickly becoming the lover I never knew I needed so damn badly.
But it’s still a competition. Only one of us can win.
So, do I play nice? You know, bow out and let her win so I can ultimately win her?
Or are we going all-in on naughty this year? Fight to the very end and take no prisoners. Not sure I really have a choice. The one thing I never knew I wanted is standing toe to toe with me.
A real shot at love. $0.99 on Kindle.

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