Elite Dragon’s Human Mate (Elite Shifters of Colorado Book 5)

Elite Dragon's Human Mate (Elite Shifters of Colorado Book 5)
A car crash started it all, ending a normal life for her and starting a whole new adventure for them both.

Just human
Out of the blue, a truck came around a bend and crashed into me.
I wasn’t hurt bad, but the driver just left.
I would never forget his face. Or his tattoos.
I thought I’d never see him again, until with a twist of fate, he becomes my boss.
There is danger at every corner with Antoine around.
He has to protect me and the animosity I felt at first, turns into something else.
Quickly it turns to desire, and every waking minute is spent thinking of him.
I have to have him.

Recovering Loner
People suck.
I learned that long ago, and as I aged; life didn’t change my mind.
I kept to myself.
I stayed out in the middle of the woods.
Life was quiet and good.
Then I crashed my truck, while being chased by another’s enemies.
That crash changed everything.
I met Cassandra, the human that was going to be more to me than I could realize.
Soon, I started to see Cassandra as more.
I started to dream about her.
No matter what was going on, I had to have Cassandra.
I devised a plan, but my inner dragon had other ones.
My dragon won and Cassandra was mine.

With Danger threatening their new happy lives, Antoine is willing to do anything to keep the status quo.
Anything. $0.99 on Kindle.

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