Chaste: An Erotic BDSM Story

The world is full of men with porn addiction, and then there’s Chad… As a Librarian by day and Mistress by night, you could say that I lead a double life. The library patrons I reserve books for wouldn’t believe that I peg men at night, and my clients at The Dungeon have no idea that I’m a book nerd. Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I meet Chad: a masturbation addict who gives a new meaning to porn addiction. I’ll show him the ways of Female Domination, slowly but surely molding... [Read More...]

The Beast In Me

  Nicolette Denassy is dangerous. Eighteen, reckless, and born with an ability that could save or destroy the way of the wolves. A power that puts a target on her back…and mine. I’d like nothing more than to leave the girl to her endless string of affairs and narcotics; to die a death more gruesome than her mother. But I can’t, because this naïve little girl, that’s half my age, is also my mate. Now, I’m forced to protect her and perform the mating ritual to make sure her li... [Read More...]

Just My Billionaire Boss

He’s my billionaire boss/rockstar, and I’m just the nanny. We met once in an electrifying night, but the cocky AF bad boy that he is.. doesn’t even remember me. Awkward His fame has attracted obsessed fans, and he trusts no one. His focus is to protect and care for his sweet baby girl. The more we play house, the deeper the intensity gets. I don’t know what to do. If he finds out who I really am, will he think I am just a crazy fan? Will he remember how I took what I wanted and disa... [Read More...]

Easy Ride

Loving his curvy lamb will be this former SEAL’s easiest ride yet. Shep Ainsley Foster has the brightest eyes and sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. Whatever she’s running from sent her straight to my gym. I want her to run right into my arms. But earning her trust is no easy feat. All she knows of motorcycle clubs is what she’s seen on the news. She knows nothing of men like me—those willing to die to protect the people they love. No matter, though. Teaching this sweet la... [Read More...]

Mustang Belle

Thomas Knox is a hometown boy. Ever since a high school football injury took his chance at a college scholarship, Knox has been learning the family business in Kingsbury Falls. After having his heart broken by his lifelong friend and the town’s newest movie star, Knox has taken on the mantle of the town bad boy, until singer Mirabelle catches his eye. Mirabelle has been touring the country with her band, and is about to ride the highs of stardom. When tragedy strikes and fate brings her t... [Read More...]

Cowboy Baby

Dean Bradford is exactly what I don’t need right now; sexy, charming, and annoyingly hot. This cowboy is about to take me for the ride of my life. But when my past threatens to ruin our future, will he man up and fight for what’s his? Or will the ghosts of his own past scare him off for good? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: One Night with the Rebel

A brand new, FREE series starter from New York Times bestseller, Kendall Ryan. She barged into my life and turned everything upside down. We spent one scorching-hot night together, and then she disappeared into the sunset with the golden jock everyone adored. Which makes sense, right? A girl as beautiful and brilliant as Eden Wynn doesn’t end up with a rebel like me. I expected them to live happily ever after, except that’s not what happened. She’s back—and tempting me like no o... [Read More...]

Blind Date with a Billionaire Reality Star

An inspirational Christian romance. After losing her job, Karlie auditioned for a dating reality show and saw it only as a means of income until she found other work. She didn’t count on falling for the billionaire bachelor. Drake never planned on finding a real relationship…until he met Karlie. Do they have a future or will they realize it was never meant to be? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Caught in a Cornish Scandal (Harlequin Historical)

Will saving a stranger start a scandal? With her family facing ruin, and desperate to avoid an arranged marriage, Lady Millie Lansdowne must work with smugglers. Millie knows smuggling isn’t going to be plain sailing, but rescuing a mysterious gentleman in a storm embroils her in a thrilling family drama! Helping handsome stranger Sam recover is a risk to her plans—and her emotions. He makes her feel alive, but she will be gambling on her family’s future if she goes with her heart… $4.99... [Read More...]