Love on Fire

Love on Fire

Bad Boy…good girl? Musicians? Lots of drama, heartache and joy? Loyal friendships? Steamy sex? Sweet romance? Couples who love deeply? Characters who grow as they overcome obstacles and adversity? If any of these sound appealing to you, then this is YOUR book series! It’s 1981, and punk rocker, Adrian “Bolt” Hall, doesn’t give a shit about anything except making music with his band. But that all changes when he spots Melody Hall wiggling her butt across the high school parking lot. His entire world as he knows it is shaken to its core. Thus begins the Love on Fire series. This series features the fictional band, Lightning. Fronting the band is the arrogant and highly volatile lead singer, Adrian “Bolt” Hall. On bass is the loyal and levelheaded, Keith “Kat” Williams. Douglas “Dagger” Meyers is the serious and thoughtful lead guitarist. Keyboardist John “Buzzy” Thomas is the clown of the group and always brings the laughter.. The sweet, naïve drummer, Anthony “Ringo” Barber is Buzzy’s best friend. The series follows Lightning as they meet in high school, unite, rise to fame, and fall in love. At it’s core is the friendship which holds these guys together even in the most tragic of times. The Love on Fire series will warm your heart and break it, too. The first three books in the series follow lead singer, Bolt, as he tries to find his “happy ever after” with Melody. Book 4 is Kat’s love story, and book 5 will feature Buzzy’s fumbling attempts at love. $0.99 to $2.99 on Kindle.


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