Housemates with Benefits

Housemates with Benefits
As soon as I met Mona, I just knew.
I never believed in ‘love at first sight, but I was becoming a believer.
Now, I knew that one meeting could change everything.
Mona made me feel like anything was possible.

It started with an ad looking for a housemate.
Mona was beyond beautiful, even if she was off-limits.
I wanted her, needed her, not long after moving in with her.
I was used to getting what I wanted.
I wanted Mona, but she wasn’t playing the game.

Mona was perfect.
She was short and curved, womanly from all angles.
Those eyes of hers could surpass the ocean with depth.

Promising pleasure, as well as a turbulent ride.
I wasn’t the only one looking at her ocean.
Mona had a crush that threatened to derail us both.
I couldn’t let it happen.
She was meant to be mine, no one else’s.
Mona didn’t know it yet, but she would.

She would see how we made sense.

A secret baby threatens all of my plans.

It was bad enough to fall in love.
I just didn’t know if I was cut out for a family.
Maybe with Mona though, it would be possible.
The alternative was unthinkable.
I wasn’t going to lose her. $0.99 on Kindle.

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